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i think low level uniques are still finding their way to their value........ i've never played rose so i dont know if people will place values on low level uniques for early leveling, i kind of doubt it. but low level uniques are good for taking substats from.......... i'd put scorpion claw at 10-12M. 12M on higher side because people are still figuring out that low level uniques are useless except for taking secondary stats. 10M because it's useful at whatever level. 8M and below (unappraised) is when it becomes a pure substat item. 5M and below is when its appraised and not good stats. 


That's my current valuation of such an item. I dont have advice whether you should appraise it or sell it as is. If you appraise it and it's good stats, it can be worth like 20M+. 

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16 hours ago, Asur said:


Depending on the dur


I got multiple offers for scorpion claw 20-23m, ended up selling for 26m.

The dur is 73 but the substat is hp recover and moving speed increases. How much u think its worth nw? 

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