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Creating all skill trees for each class and spec, need the communitys help!


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Work in progress https://buff-plz.com/skill

Hey guys!

I'm gonna make a skill tree where you can look at all the different classes and specs.

But i need your help!

To gather this information, i need images of every spell at ever level. And to do that you need high level characters in each spec.

I also need images of every skill maxed so that i can create the icon. And all skills when they are white. Use your skill reset.

Here's an example.


Here's an example of how i need to get the information from each spell.


I also need a clean picture of every skill tree to know where each skill goes and to grab those pointers.


If you're willing to help please post which class/spec you're doing so that we dont do the same thing twice.

Message me these images here on the forum, you could upload them to imgur and send the link to me too.

The basics of those skill trees is done already to be able to display it i just need the data.

Here's an example of how it's going to look. Just like in the game. But in the browser.


Thanks guys!

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