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Skill and Stat Reset with Mayor Darren


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I do not think that the free skill and stat resets from Darren will be removed.

If you read the faq (linked below) you can see that all pay-to-win askects of the game will be removed. The item mall will only contain quality of life as well as cosmetics. Therefore, the skill and stat reset consumables from the item mall will no longer be in the item mall. We can only hope that all players will be able to reset their skill and stat points for free every X hours. I don't know if it has been suggested in the suggestions section of the forums yet but it has been discussed many times in the discoird server and in the alpha streams.

So the free stat and skill points resets from darren could possibly be used indefinitely instead of just once, that would be, chef's kiss. Let's wait and see 👀


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