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Could someone explain to me how BUFFs work? I've played <> before and I didn't understand very well on this server

Edited by HoneyBuns
mentioning an illegal server that is currently up and violating copyright
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Buffs are now split between the classes. So every class has buffs corresponding to them, makes it more of a party game now so you will need members to get all buffs. Classes have 4 buffs now.

To look for party buffs, under skills -> Job. Type: Status Effect (Self). Target: Party Member

Just make sure you see the party member target to buff everyone in party within close proximity, otherwise there is one target for self.

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All job classes have four buffs.  Those are self buffs but when you are in a party or group, the buffs will be shared with others.  Here are the buffs by job class:

Muses have- Magic Resistance Up, Max MP Up, Enhance Damage and Int buffs.  They also have another enhance damage buff just for themselves
Soldiers have - Attack Power Up, Defense Up, Max HP Up and Strength buff
Hawkers have - Movement Speed Up, Dodge Up, Attack Speed Up and Dex buff
Dealers have - Accuracy Up, Critical Up, Con and Sen buffs

Btw, I edited your post and removed the name of the server you mentioned since that server is currently open and violating the copyright.

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