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Oldschoolers are back


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First of all great to see there is a forum  back. I didnt expect the game of my youth really come back. I hope i can see alot old faces (new ones too)

Heres a little clip of my old clan, (laggy as f** cuz broken) hopefully i can rebuild him in future again.


hope see you soon in Junon 😛

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Hey there, i am so happy, that we are going to play it soon. I am excited to play the game again by my own and make my cleric again. I hope wir are going to have such crazy and cool Clan wars or pvp modes  like that time 🤩

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On 3/13/2022 at 5:42 AM, kaiser said:

Checking in. I remember paying like $11-14/mo for Rose when I was younger haha. Excited to see this come back to life. Lets go devs!


The nostalgia is real.

How were you able to pay?? My parents said no and then it was RIP R.o.s.e 😉

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