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Increase the distance a Muse can wander from their Bonfire before its de-summoned


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One of the biggest complaints I have about the Muse leveling experience is the fact that you get very tied down by your bonfires.  A lot of the time I will go to pull a mob to the group and the Bonfires will just despawn.  It's not that I put them in a bad place either - it just has a *very* short range before it goes kaput.

Unfortunately this is also one of the reasons AFK-muses have been using for why they're less active in parties.  "Oh I'm not pulling anything because if I go too far you guys will lose my bonfires 😞😞"  We don't need any more reasons for muses to just stand around doing minimal work.

Please increase the range before they despawn by something like ~30% at least.

Obviously this suggestion applies to the evolutions of Bonfire (Salamander/Mana Flame) as I assume they have the same limited leash range before they despawn.

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