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Server Status 3


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Right everyone so here are the current news:

We are not gonna be able to put the server online for the next hours as the whole team is exhausted and need to sleep, we are sorry we are very out of fuel right now...

Basically what's happening is we have applied a lot of security patches to harden the server security but issues happened as soon as lot of players joined the game as you saw.
Since that we are navigating into all our previous commits to find the patch culprit and we finally figured that there is not only one culprit
We have identified all of them and reverted all the problematics changes we've found, but we also need to recode some of them, then we will have to test it extensively this time to be sure everything is allright and safe.

Our fault to have worked too fast without extensively tested our new codes as we really wanted to put the server online as soon as possible  

We really cannot give an ETA and you should not expect the server to be online before the next 12h (the time the team sleep a little, recode what need to be recoded, test extensively the changes in high pressure conditions and deploy in production when everything is good)
We really apologize for the situation, let's bet tomorrow will be a better day for ROSE! 

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