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I don't think this has been said but I honestly thank the devs and all the people who revived this game and made great changes. I always dream of "if I get that rich I'd hire people to continue develop this game" lol.


I am also a developer but backend side and I have ideas for the game like class balancing and 3rd jobs but so far everything has exceeded expectations, like clerics don't get all the buffs now. Only thing I'm not a fan of (for now) is the elemental types, there's just too many.


All areas have been repurposed and people actually stay in one map before moving on to the next unlike before where breezy hills weren't really visited often. 


Thank you! I hope you put more items (hopefully helpful ones) in the item mall as this is where I can support the game. 


PS not trying to kiss ass but this is just my favorite game of all time.

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The only MMORPG Game that I had played and I will always go for the official one and if I too get that Richie Rich status, I will get a license for our country and add my own version of balancing the game for everyone, all level players to enjoy and not just for the high level to dominate, make it the most that players won't "Rush" getting to the higher Level like most game nowadays.

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