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Storytime: The Tragedy of Bob - A Cleric's Journey to Reclaim His Powers [Complete story]​


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 The Desperate Fight to Right the Wrong: A Battle for the Future of Clerics Like Bob

As you reach for the old, dusty book on the shelf within the grand library of Luxem Tower, you can't help but feel a sense of excitement and intrigue. You brush off the cobwebs and carefully open the cover, eager to dive into the story that lay within.

Chapter 1. A Hero's Tragedy; The Cleric's Final Stand.

Once upon a time, there was a powerful cleric by the name of Bob, he was a member of a group of adventurers. Known for his ability to buff the power of his allies and protect them from harm, bob was a valuable member of the team.

However not long after, during a patch update, bobs abilities were nerfed and he was left feeling weak and vulnerable. Despite his best efforts to adapt, bob was unable to keep up with his companions and was left behind as they continued on their journey.

Feeling abandoned and defeated, bob set out on a solo mission to regain his strength and prove his worth to his companions. He trained tirelessly, pouring all of his energy into becoming the powerful cleric he once was.

However, just as bob was starting to see progress in his training, he was ambushed by a group of Moldies, vicious creatures known for their razor sharp pickaxes and vicious attacks.

Despite his best efforts to defend himself, bob was overwhelmed and fell in battle. When his companions learned of bob's demise, they did not mourn his loss.

They saw bob as weak and of no value to the group without his abilities to buff them. They moved on, leaving bobs memory behind and focusing on their own objectives.

His companions' lack of remorse served as a harsh reminder of the cutthroat nature of rose online, where only the useful classes survive.

A Hero's Tragedy; End of Chapter 1


Chapter 2. A Hero's Tragedy; The Weak, And the Strong.

As a member of the group, the knight had always respected bob powerful abilities and relied on his support during their adventures. However, when bob's abilities were nerfed, the knight saw firsthand the dramatic decline in bob's usefulness and strength.

Despite feeling a sense of loyalty towards bob, the knight knew that his role as a leader was to ensure the safety and progress of the group. He had learned from a young age, while training to become a knight, that the weak were a burden and had no place in the world of rose online.

Therefore, when it became clear that bob was no longer able to keep up with the group, the knight had no choice but to leave him behind. He watched as bob set out on his own, determined to regain his strength, but the knight knew that it was unlikely that bob would ever be able to return to his former level of power.

Despite this, the knight felt no remorse for leaving bob . He knew that it was the right decision for the good of the group and he couldn't allow sentimentality to get in the way of their ultimate goal.

As the group continued on their journey, the knight couldn't shake the memory of bob's downfall. He knew that it was a harsh reminder of the cruel nature of their world, where only the strong survived. However, he also knew that it was his duty to do everything in his power to protect and guide his companions, no matter the cost.

Tragically, bob's solo journey came to a violent end in the plains of Junon, where he was ambushed by a group of Moldies while training tirelessly. Despite his best efforts to defend himself, bob was no match for their razor sharp pickaxes and was mercilessly beaten down.

As the Moldies left bob's broken body in the dirt, it was clear that he was too weak to support even himself. It was a tragic end for a once powerful cleric, but a harsh reminder of the dangers that lurked in the world of rose online.

A Hero's Tragedy; End of Chapter 2


Chapter 3. A Hero's Tragedy; A Legend Fading Away.

As the years passed, the memory of bob began to fade, and all that remained were echoes of his former glory. Only a few raiders spoke of his name in hushed tones in the bars of Kenji Beach, their memories of him fading into legend. Many doubted that a cleric could have ever achieved such levels of power and support for their group.

For the knight, the demise of bob weighed heavily on his mind. Despite his initial decision to leave bob behind, he couldn't shake the guilt and sadness that filled his heart every time he thought about his former ally.

One day, the knight confided in a fellow magician member of the group about his feelings. He shared his guilt and sorrow, and admitted that the decision to leave bob behind had haunted him for years.

The magician listened with a sympathetic ear and offered words of comfort and understanding. They reminded the knight that he had made the best decision he could at the time, given the circumstances. They also assured him that bob's memory would live on, not just in the stories of the raiders, but in the hearts of those who had known and loved him.

As the knight reflected on their words, he felt a sense of peace wash over him. He knew that he would always remember bob, and he vowed to honor his memory by continuing to do everything in his power to protect and support his fellow adventurers.

However, the knight also knew that if he couldn't convince the gods of rose online to restore the full support powers of clerics, the legend of bob would eventually fade entirely. Those who followed in his footsteps would do so in vain, their abilities a fraction of their glory days when clerics could fulfill their roles and fully support their groups.

Determined to keep bob's memory alive and restore the power of clerics, the knight vowed to do whatever it took to convince the gods to see the value in Cleric's ability to fully support their teams.

A Hero's Tragedy; End of Chapter 3


An Important Mention

It's no secret that the Cleric changes had a significant impact on how we play. While some changes were necessary, there were others that had unintended consequences. 

It's crucial to remember that everyone has their own playstyle, and it's important to respect that. We all want to have fun and enjoy the game, and sometimes that means supporting each other and considering the preferences of the community as a whole.

I think it's essential to take a step back and carefully evaluate the situation before making any hasty decisions.

Ultimately, it's up to the Development team to decide what's best for the game. But I believe that our feedback has value and that by working together and considering the playstyles and preferences of all players, we can create a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone.


It's important to stay engaged with the community and make your opinions known on the forums. Whether you agree or disagree with certain changes, it's essential to have a diverse range of perspectives and ideas to ensure that the game continues to evolve and improve.

By actively participating on the forums, you can help shape the direction of the game and make sure that your voice is heard. It's healthy for the game to constantly evolve and not remain stagnant, and your input can help make that happen.

So don't be afraid to speak up and share your thoughts. Every opinion matters, and by working together, we can create a better experience for everyone.


May your grind result in plenty of treasure,
Thank you for your attention to this matter.



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part 3
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  • Blackbird changed the title to Storytime: The Tragedy of Bob - A Cleric's Journey to Reclaim His Powers [Complete story]​
3 minutes ago, HoneyBuns said:

Too bad the facts are incorrect.  Clerics never had 16 buffs.  They had 12.  Tho now if you are in a party, it is possible to have 16 buffs.  And now clerics can actually be actively played.  

Thats not my post, I simply linked it for others to get their voices heard about the topic. The important part in my eyes is less the difference between 12 to 16 buffs, but the reduction of 12 to 4 on clerics. Clerics were not previously forced to play a certain way but had variety in playstyles.

Those who wanted to play it as a support could do so, and those who wanted to play it more actively had the option to do so as well through building towards "Battle Cleric", what I disagree with is the forcing of a certain playstyle of the Cleric class. We are now pushed towards being either heal slaves who occasionally spawn bonfires, or weaker versions of scouts, the range is there, the DPS isnt. 

We are being deprived of the variety of playstyles that come with Clerics. That's the point of my post.
Hopefully I could explain my position ^^

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that saying that goes if its not broken don't fix it. fsclerics were great and got even better during blockrate % dex and all that came along. 

I dislike this new way of buffing. I prefer the full support cleric we used to have. my point of view; back then I notice that there was no one else leveling alts it was mostly non exp medals in kings and queens and I had my own almost maxed charm/int cleric but I was content I had  a great buffer..

here is what i remember after leaving since gems were slotted in all equipment which becomes the rivalry of sub-stats from the artisan class. another thread necessary to talk about.

reader, you will find that this is no new news to you if your a returning player which I think 90%+ is

 i remember a few clans with all classes fully gear and stats on charm near the righteous crusader's stairs. 

the cleric class was fading during the end of the last rose; i remember scouts had the best crit buff I believe and artisan or bourg had the best accuracy buff and also probably crit buff in pot just shorter time on them than the clerics. vaguely remember

- clerics with all buffs -they were more than decent for PVM specially with those item mall stacked buffs for quicker buffing(yah p2w )- the four fully charmed classes with their individual buffs the clans had were more for best class stats for pvp (dex,con,str,int which we still have now). 

its common knowledge, parties are always best for leveling, with or with out buffs.

So the issue about breaking apart the clerics buffs

the issue here is the a fate one will take to get their next character to max level and new the fate of players that join rose later on and everyone has moved on to another planet. they will have to either find a party or equip themselves with three other accounts to buff up..  probably the best place to ask for buffs is in junon from different people.. as a player maybe you got a party guild who wants to share that restart fate and its all good, just add your high levels to the party to buff up and leave. or if they use the group system and have that extra client to buff the team which is a solution but not the entire solution since we are being force to either get  a party, log in into four accounts if alone or ask in town from multiple people for buffs...

imagine running from place to place asking for buffs while the first few buffs are already in countdown. basically you got all your buffs but you have only five minutes with a full set of buffs because you were running around town to get each buff...  can this be tweaked? maybe if yours buffs do not start counting down until you gain your first exp or do any dmg. but still lame to do all that running around..

right now probably not many can understand the issue with individual buffs because again many are still young in levels and their objective is final level and it seems that we are all good with the buffs we got but- now and future we are force to team up with people if you want to level a lot more quicker than alone due to the individual buffs. having them all is the best. but before was better since you could roll out anywhere u want for 15mins on your buffs without having to be in a party by finding a cleric in town. or you could make your own cleric, and you deal with two clients instead of four or finding all different classes for buffs that is if they have buffs anymore.( maybe they already have their separate buffers but are offline and this is where we are leading too with the next few months) see how sucky this could get? even after searching an optimum player we'll rather level up another account to get more skill points in their skill tree for best combat skill tree on the main char! Plus Who wants to pump charm points for merely a few +0.xx%'s of buff bump and reduce their combat stats on their main char...

It has happened before as mentioned above-people or guilds will have Four different vocations accounts  to simply have them all with charms sets and full charm stats just to buff the main char for player Killing or fight wars in clan fields or training grounds- seems like a waste of time and class to level and to just use it for buffs.

It will be annoying to log into all accounts to simply use for buffs and your computers having to process all that.

we could only imagine communication during wars, when one dies and needs all class players to reunite to buff up instead of just the cleric buffing- also that is if they even carry the buff with them, (again to be at the prime of you class you need to know a skill tree that wins wars and maybe having the buffs in your arsenal benefits  or maybe not idk we are still under level 200s and maybe at max level you may unlock all skills in the skill tree -but you are still having to deal with searching for ways to get fully buffed.

I do notice more parties but only because everyone is wanting to get to max level. I could imagine that if a new player not knowing anything about rose having to grind for hours to get to zant LOL-  because one wants full buffs so the grind is not stretched to two or more months to max level. on top of that the likelihood that one finds a party with all different classes at a later time is going to be low. sadly for new players in just about a few weeks since release. again people will be moving on to other planets.

 what is the real point of breaking down the clerics enchants? I dont know and not trying to look at it this in a sketchy way but I've  have seen this practice in a different game and in a different form- meaning, the more accounts in the server and online regularly the server "shows" that there is a huge population playing the game. but it is stackable group accounts like 900 players but behind each 5 accounts is one individual- . so if any statistics being made later in the future this is a very important factor for an investor to understand the true population sample. i digress.

as of right now

adventures plain is no longer full of monster battles. soon zant may be dead with leaving shops and no players battling, and this tumble bush may soon follow each town-  it will get crowded later in end game maps until it is empty for mats to refine. and i have been noticing those macro aoes already so that will be annoying later on to get the mats since first hit usually gets the mat and people would just take over respawn locations. specially aoe champs with higher range on aoes and on macro or some script- i can see how buffs enchants scattered to every class combats a person who wants to macro and its easier to have one cleric with all buffs and one aoe class than having to find three other classes or making them but that is it. also,  I dont know if macro is allowed while you're actually at your keyboard.. 

i done with this text.

anyone else want the full support cleric back?


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