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A new challenger approaches!


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Hello everyone,

my name ist Jyntax and I am aiming to become one of the best Clerics on this server! 


First things first - Who am I and where do I come from?

I am a 32 years old "Gaming-Vetaran" with a bunch of MMORPG experience. I am living in germany, I'm engaged and like to crunch numbers. Back in the days I started with Fly for Fun and already made there a huge german Blade guide, revealing every little bit of the class that was available at that time. Later on I traveled across many lands of the MMORPG genre and stranded on Final Fantasy XIV which I play for around 8 years now. While that's the case I also raided 2 years hardcore on that game and even tho my static and I aren't hardcore anymore, we are still week one progress raiders.

Why I want to become one of the best Clerics?

Cleric seems to be the most discussed class. Many people hate the changes while I think... it's very good. I don't know how the Cleric was before by myself. I just heard things here and there and... for real... a Buffslave is the death of every MMORPG. The moment you are able to do everything by yourself just because you made the effort to level up a Buffslave makes it kinda useless to play an MMORPG especially in this case because leveling in a party is hella fun. This game and the way it is balanced right now leads to a perfect synergy between classes. Everytime my Knight Mate and I are creating a party and there are enough people with different classes... we just annihilate the enemies. Sure... I spam my heals like I am going crazy... having most likely the hardest job of the party if noone takes food... but... god damn it I am a freaking healer... That's my job.

Goals for the near future?

Reaching 250 on my Cleric which is currently 101 close to 102 and writing a huge Cleric Guide containing builds like Full Support, Hybrid, Battle and PvP Cleric. 


Best regards,

Jyntax or JynSup 😄

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1 hour ago, Tally said:

If servers ever come back up you could be my healer if you're on Luna ❤️ XD 

I will be there but most likely with my Knight pal. But you could still join us tho 😄

1 hour ago, AkrooS said:

I appreciate your passion, dear Cleric. Hope face you any time, it'll be a pleasure. 

Would be my pleasure too. 🙂

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