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Complete Controller Key Guide?


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First of all, I appreciate the similarity of the controller scheme to FFXIV's. YoshiP did say feel free to use it because it would be great to see on more MMOs and seeing it in ROSE is amazing.

I have some questions though. is there a place where I can see all the mapped buttons for controller use? I tried using Search here in the forums and I can't find it. Looked at the guide section, none. Checked the main site, none either.

Hotbars are similar to FFXIV: just hold RT, LT, or RT+LT to access the hotbar then X,Y,A,B to use skills,
Y to Jump,
X to Pick-up Items,
A to Attack, Interact,
B to Cancel,
Left and Right on the d-pad cycles through enemies, and I'm betting up and down for party members,
Left Analog Trigger is auto-run,

What else?

Thanks again!

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