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[Guide] Fetch Quests


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I'll add to it as I do them

{Pomic Hunt}


[Level Requirement] 17 or lower

To start the quest watch for this


Raffle is located


Raffle wants 10 Pomic Skins, the faster you do it the better the reward. You have 37 minutes to complete the quest.

Location of Pomics for quest


Reward - Zulie

{Wine Delivery (Part Time Job)}


To start this quest watch for this 


Sharlin is located


Sharlin wants you to deliver 2 bottles of wine to Punwell in Breezy Hills - 30 minute time limit

Punwell is located in the Breezy Hills village


Upon delivering the wine Punwell will give you

Rewards - Zulie (5,074), 10 Health Vial (M)


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