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Changing the name of items to be more unique and consistant with the games world


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To start with the more important aspect, i think too many items especially early on reuse very similar names and its noticable. 

For example the Land walkers and Earth Walkers, it feels rather boring naming scheme wise to just change one word to a synonym, and can lead to confusion if the player isn't careful.
Even if you don't want to just go off and come up with unique names for every item, i think just changing both words to synonyms helps with making names less annoyingly similar.

Instead of Land Walkers, call them Land Striders even if its still just changing the words with synonyms, at the very least it looks phonetically distinct from the other gear pieces making it less likely players mix them up.

Another major habit i noticed is that many items are just the same name with an adjective added in front of the word, like Luxurious, which is fine conceptually since most of the time its an upgrade to the existing piece, I just feel its important to use that where its necessary and not over use the word. Then you have stuff like the grey gloves where the improved version is called the "Gloves of Iguje" which is just a "wut" thing, it doesn't feel like names are treated consistantly for items. which is fine if you don't want everything to be tediously named but you pick the weirdest items to uniquely name, like bland grey gloves.

Now this is the part im most worried about coming across in the completely wrong way, and I don't want anyone reading this to think im at all attacking the basis for these items names, your beliefs are your own, im focused on the context of their existence within the World(s) of rose, and nothing else.

There are items that have names that really don't make sense within the world of rose, the most obvious example being the islamic items. Inherently as far as im aware of rose lore, islam the religion does not exist within rose. Mostly due in part to the common knowledge of the existence of two deities.

The term itself feels out of place due to the meaning of the word not really making sense within the world thematically, it has nothing to do with the values of the religion itself, i want to make that absolutely clear. I feel these could easily be renamed to something way more consistant with the world or atleast a more understandable generic phrase, like calling the islamic Bandana a Doorag or head rag.  Changing the Islamic Dress to Desert Robes, or just changing the names to fit the areas like zant or the coastal area of adventure pass.

To that end, it does extend to the santa and christmas gear since while its become more or less the generic december holiday, it was originally based in christianity and german/greek folk tale. Its why many mmos take to making their own equivalent holiday called something else like WoW's Feast of the Winter Harvest, or the ever infamous "Life Day" in the starwars universe and its games like swtor.

Though in fairness christmas has more or less become a general holiday concept and has almost completely lost its meaning, which to an extent also goes for the "islamic" items in rose, i am only suggesting changing the names to make them more consistent to the world, not to remove any diversity or out of any malicious intent towards the islam/christian religion.

Its for the same overall reason as making the names more unique for many items, to help keep items from feeling out of place or too same-y, to help reach a nice middle ground.
I do not intend to offend any religion i may have brought up in this suggestion, your beliefs are your own and just as valid as mine.

Heck if you want to go the other way and introduce other religious paraphernalia im all for it, id just rather it not be weirdly out of place either way, id totally start rocking a cross, pastafarian head colander, while wearing a gem socketed version of my grandfathers tallit (the traditional shoulder scarf if you didn't know). You could go either way, i just rather it be consistant.

The suggestion isnt two seperate suggestions, just two aspects of the overall suggestion of making the names of items in game more consistent and fitting to the world overall.

If your offended by my suggestion, i am sorry, i do not mean to offend, this is just a very touchy subject to approach, and i mean no harm.

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