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Craft-able Bonfire


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Hey! To get straight to the point, we could use a craft-able consumable summon that will imitate a bonfire. Currently this game still revolves around a cleric. You still need a cleric and that goes against the teams position on making this game more single client friendly. I'm all for that BUT it's incredibly hard to play without a cleric. The Christmas tree summon is great! But its a time limited Christmas event item, its a crazy rare roll from the christmas box, and it can die easily lol . Have different tiers to this consumable bonfire summon for scaling purposes. And make this something dealers can craft from a low level but on the "heavy" summon it require an artisan and can only be used above a certain level. For "Flicker" make the material be only twigs and copper, like 40 each to craft. It gives twigs some value and its not too few to where it will make this item too easy to obtain. "Ember" and "Flame" can use materials from Eldeon. And "Blaze" materials can be acquired from Orlo.


Light tier "Flicker"; Level 0-75 (Dealer)

Light-medium "Ember" Level 76-150 (Dealer)

Medium-heavy "Flame" Level 151-225 (Artisan 300+ Concentration for 80% success rate)

Heavy "Blaze" Level 226+(Artisan 475+ Concentration for 80% success rate)


Efficiency; Will allow players to truly solo the game without having to sit after every other monster kill. Things are great now and will be for some months maybe while players join the fresh game but players should be able to level and farm a decent amount without the need of a cleric at all.

Finances; This can help combat the lack of zulie burden that we are dealing with. I spent 230k in order to craft around 300+ Health Bottle (S). I cant afford to do that again lol. 



Idk lol.




Unfortunately (at the higher levels) even when we don't need a cleric, we need an artisan for this. But I think for the lower levels it will allow people to play the game when these lower level maps aren't so crazy crowded in maybe a year from today. I can tell you, at lv 105, I can't solo Penguins in Mana Snowfields efficiently. Also I didn't level any of my characters in goblin cave but after doing a few quests that required me to go into goblin cave, I've realized its a nightmare and I don't think any class can solo goblin cave when the monsters AREN'T grey. Candle ghosts make Goblin Cave seem like a nightmare.


Would REALLY love to see this happen and I don't think its too big of an ask. Thanks

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