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[Guide] The Lost Engagement Ring


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To start the quest you need to go to Methio in El Verloon Desert located just inside the gate and to the right up the hill. 


Methio lost the engagement ring and without it, he'll never be able to face his fiancé again. You've got to find Methio's Engagement Ring for him!

He thinks it might be in Breezy Hills near the Red Flanae so lets head there! To get there you want to go back into Breezy Hills (West then South down the little ramp), once inside go straight back to the Bridges opposite the entrance to The Canyon City of Zant, go across the bridge and take a right across the next one, you should see the little village to your left, head straight/right and you should see the Flanae, now you just need to find the Red Flanae!


After killing a few/lot kind of depends on your luck I think, you get the Engagement Ring!


Back to Methio for your hard earned

Reward - Experience (13,284) Kiwi (21)

*Disclaimer your rewards of Experience and Zulie may differ from mine!*

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