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[Guide] Leonard's Sword


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To start this quest talk to Leonard in The Canyon City of Zant up by Sunshine Coast's entrance (West side of town across the river)


Leonard has asked you to help him find his sword. The sword was last seen during an adventure Leonard was on, in the El Verloon Desert. He suspects a few of the Rackies in the southern region may have tried to bury it.

To get to El Verloon Desert you will need to travel East from The Canyon City of Zant to Breezy Hills, then travel North to El Verloon Desert, once in the Desert you will want to go West, to this area.


I found the Sword at this exact spot, but your spot may vary from mine, but it should be around this general area.

Once you find the sword you will get a little notification on the screen.


Quest log update: This rusty looking metal has Leonard's name inscribed on the hilt. This must be his sword, why would he want this piece of junk back?

Now head back to Leonard, with a scroll or walk back the way you came.

Leonard seems very happy to have his sword back and gives you as a 

Reward - Experience (26,654) & Zulie (19,382)

*Disclaimer your rewards of Experience and Zulie may differ from mine!*

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Thanks Zurn! This guide is great, thanks for the minimap screenshots. As a confirmation to your notes, I received the sword slightly to the left while I was battling the local Rackies. I received it right after killing a hunter, but I was also circling around it hoping to activate the sword pickup trigger. In summary, the item is definitively in that location, but Im still not sure if its related to killing Rackies or just running over the trigger location. Start from where Zurn showed and circle until you get it.

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I was trying to find the outer edges of the spot. These are the coordinates I have gathered:

The coordinates in OP should be somewhere in the middle. Try the edges if you still can't find it.

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