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Bourg Launcher build/stats for newbies?


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2 hours ago, Mannnen 16 said:

Hello, i remember i used to have enough str to use the launcher, sen the same as my lvl and the rest in con. Dont know if this is a gppd build but it worked fine in ruffrose. 😛

Thanks mate! Is there a required stats in order to use items here in Rose?

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its gonna be diffrent in his one as now we have to deal with buffs, i think some CHA is gonna go into every build now to increase buffs,  just a matter of how much, this also will mess with skill points so its gonna be a bit before we have a good comprehensive guide 


rule of thumb though is strength to what ever the nest laauncher is and 2-1 on Con and sen so 2 con for every sen, this will be fine for trhe first bit of your character untill we get a better idea with testing. 

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I dont think we need CHA, if you look at the char stats under CON it says 'increase dealer buffs', so i assume CHA is replaced by CON (or STR for soldier etc).

The only thing i gotta figure out is how much str adds to the launcher AP, seeing if a more 'sturdy' bourg can be viable.

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