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  1. For those of you who remeber him. Wayde AKA Wolfie (Former NA Forum mod) has passed away this morning. here is the small facebook post from his Brother. "Wayde passed away quietly, comfortably, and in no pain this morning. Thank you for all of the love and prayers. Wayde was a very private person and he did not want a memorial service. In lieu of flowers and cards, please consider a small donation to the American Cancer Society. He would like that. Rest in peace little brother, we will miss you."
  2. Nope its not, unless you can make a key map to change it. But i dont think that would be possible.
  3. Hi Allan, Nice to see you back on the old stomping grounds lets see if we can meet up in the weekends sometimes ?
  4. Whats up with this one. If i want to craft 999 Potions , i can watch a movie before its done. Cant the system just check : Hey you have the ingredients. You click craft. Boom you are done. It would make live easier, and more important, our avatars playable
  5. Hi, leuk je hier te vinden. Zag je winkeltje staan vandaag denk ik Hij hield ook van onmogenlijke plekjes opzoeken
  6. HI, Kingarthur here. (and Polarbear) same story. Me and Polar met at the same time as your mother and Lordgalo, We got married aswel
  7. Kingarthur and Polarbear .. Present. As is Camelot
  8. Lets not forget Frikandel. Das wel heel lekker
  9. Nice to be back. Even if you use my fraze"rosearians" came from the old goodmorning posts on NA forum
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