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Looking for Rose online NA client files from near the end


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Hello I am looking to work on a compendium/armory for the new reboot of Rose! I didn't know where else to put this so if it really is not allowed to be asked then I apologize and close this topic.

I am looking for someone that has client files that were close to the end of NA as I was silly and deleted mine like a year ago when I thought hope of revival beyond private servers was doomed.

A google cloud / dropbox or something I am willing to do whatever to get them.

I wanted the closest to the recent for the most up to date files and structure as well as items. If someone that has done a lot of work looking at this before thinks I am crazy and can just use some old version let me know! A suggestion on a version that is close would be ideal along with a way to download them.

Put this here instead of discord because the long standing format increases the likelyhood of someone who can help seeing this instead of being lost in the old messages of Discord.


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I'm sorry this is a very late reply but I super appreciate it!

Yea the point you made is why I wanted otherwise as close I as I could get..... but hey something that is close is better than none!

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Alright so I am just turning this thread into the WIP for this idea and giving an update on where i've gotten so far. Not great but a good start on understanding imo. This is explaining what i've sort of done in the last day and a half or so.

Extracted the VFS with "Working_VFS_Extractor.exe" from the tools section of the download list. This requires it to be in the folder with the data.idx file. I found one with source that may not require wine below. Haven't tried it yet but would be better on the actual web server... perhaps unless the idea is to always extract and do a bunch of formatting for the webserver locally then rsync it up to it once it is done.

So I was able to convert all of the stb files to csv which will be better for the web translation. I did it with i'm pretty sure your tool @lazypenguin! I actually did it with the windows exe from the Tools section from the link you gave (RoseConv.rar -> RoseConv.exe). I noticed it didn't do stl files but your github doesn't state that it does. Maybe those won't matter, if they do I am sure i'll be looking at contributing to your tool. Of course i'll need to figure out deciphering these filetypes at a lower level with I guess a hex editor? Did some of that and was trying with stb before i found your tool.

Then I am pretty sure I found your Rust source which would be handy in the future for doing it in linux because any webserver I would set up would be. Ideally work towards automating this process but I am just trying to figure out say 1 item at a time then i'll go back and try to automate.... Plus do the least work (aka not build tools if I don't have to) as long as possible.

I was also able to extract IFO files to sql with ifonpcdumper tool also in that list. I haven't checked how accurate it all was but I did look a little at the sql and saw the references to the maps and coords which I am sure are coordinated somewhere in a stb. I am leaving this behind for the moment as to work on one thing at a time first. Good to see there has been such a lot of good work done by so many over the years!

Back to items the first "icon number" from the stbs is the "flu mask" item which is the first icon of the first list of icon dds files. It also confirmed the "black mask" is second. 

So good start ... maybe? 🙂

I think going down this line I could use say imagemagik to go through and chop up all of the icons and give them a name that matches their "icon number" from the stbs. Splitting up the images into the individual icons I feel would be the "better" way for the web anways as you don't want to necessarily load the image with a bunch of icons you won't use on a particular page.

So the goal now is maybe after looking at imagemagik completing that goal again go back to working through just 1 item in a way that could be easily called from a web server. Once this is done can attempt to connect the icons, stats, names, etc of all items programatically in a format that the webserver can just pickup and run with for pages of those items.

So super early but figured I'd let people know where I am at and also if others know something about the underlying setup better than I do maybe if it is easy to pitch in one day 🙂


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