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New Valley of Luxem Tower Dungeon


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 Luxem valley dungeon

Entrance - down the ramp near the entrance to adventurer plains

Level - 15-25

Enemies - Pumpkins/bees boss either the cowboy pumpkin or the elder pumpkin (elder fits more with proposed rewards)

Rewards - pumpkin piece armor (new classless armor), muse class equipment, random unique staff pumpkin root, new unique wand bee stinger, (new) pumpkin mount/pet (rare) bee (could have a variety of the different types used) pet (summon capsule)  low level refine material powders/runes

Potential spots to have the entrance



Pro/con same as other suggestion

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I love the idea of dungeons at and for low level players even if they don't give a ton of experience.  Just getting used to groups and how dungeons work would be very useful for new players and if there were equipment drops that can only be gotten from these dungeons, that gives even seasoned ROSE players reason to do them.

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I'd believe the idea of leveling dungeons would only exist on Junon and/or Luna depending on where and when the Developers decide max level should be achieved, and when horizontal progression starts. So by the time that happens, you'd have 4 or 5 planets where dungeons are all end-game, and each zone has large bosses [potentially]

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