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New Adventurer Plains Dungeon


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Adventurer plains dungeon

Dungeon entrance - behind the waterfall near the farm. (see circle in picture *used old guide picture*)

Level - 10-20 (not sure how well this would work based on streamed leveling)

Enemies -jellybeans~jelly king 

Reward - jelly equipment (new classless weapons and armor),chorpy mount/pet (rare/unique), low level refine materials powders/runes 




  • Something different besides just grinding
  • Different rewards


  • Leveling speed might out pace desired range
  • time
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2 minutes ago, Zurn said:

I was thinking it would end up like the Desert of Dead dungeon where it has an entrance but you don't really use it, game arena and whatnot. 


Entrance would just be for show/lore kinda

That would work too ofc.  We don't know yet how the whole game arena is going to be changed but assuming we still have some version of it, it could be listed like the other dungeons including the level requirements.  Then you could just que from wherever you are and be returned to that same spot after.

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Providing variety during leveling is a great idea! I also like how you made it more about the rewards than XP. It should not be the most efficient leveling, but provide you with some gear and special stuff as an incentive to take a break from the usual leveling.

The more of this, the better. Maybe some people can come up with even more places in different zones this the OP's and @OwlchemistVile's suggestions.


Hopefully the resources for actually implementing something this will be there at some point. :SkillShop:

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