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Patch Notes 2024-06-28 (Orlo Clan Field Update)


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Hello everyone! 

Thanks for all the feedback regarding Orlo Clan Field! Today's patch is to incorporate fixes and include some suggestions from the community based on your feedback in the past week. We've been listening and thanks to the feedback we are releasing a quick patch to make OCF even better. This patch includes some changes, fixes and two new repeatable quests!


New OCF repeatable quests


  • The Shadow Walkers Repeatable Quest.
    • Tondro needs your help to battle the Shadow monsters in OCF and discover their purpose


  • They Cause Nightmares Repeatable Quest.
    • What happened to the explorers? Investigate the remains of the ancient city in OCF


We have added 2 more Repeatable quests for the players that want to keep questing inside OCF even after having done their daily challenge for the Tondro Box. These quests should make the farming journey inside OCF a little bit more rewarding 

We also have added an extra 200k Zulie to the daily OCF quest to cover repair costs!

Drop rates & Guardian level increases

The levels of the various Guardian monsters have been increased Guardian so that 250 players can still farm them and not suffer the drop rate reduction. We've heard you loud and clear, these bosses are already difficult and to receive no drop in some circumstances is just demoralizing. We hope that this change will make fighting these monsters more fun and rewarding.

Additionally, we have slightly increased the drop rate of Golden Orlean Mail from all Sources inside OCF.

Please continue to provide your feedback regarding the drop rates inside OCF and Fossil so that we can start planning larger drop changes across all the planets.



  • Maps
    • Luna Clan Fields
      • Slightly increased drop rate and amount for all categories
    • Orlo Clan Fields
      • Increased clan point drop reward from guardians (now up to 100k drop)
      • Added new Black Scarab monster
      • Added new "The Shadow Walkers" repeatable to Tondro
      • Added new "They Cause Nightmares" repeatable to Tondro
      • Increased Asper Guardian, Scorpio Guardian and Scarab Guardian level to 250
      • Increased Devourer Guardian and Scavenger Guardian to 255
      • Increased Ikaness Guardian level to 260
      • Updated drop tables
      • Fixed a bug causing multiple guardians to spawn at the same time
      • Fixed a bug causing the Scavenger Guardian to spawn near the Devourer Guardian
    • Muris
      • Changed the default respawn point
  • Misc:
    • Added option to save Muris as save town to [Orlo Bar Owner] Sahrazod
    • Rolled back desync changes causing dungeon lag
    • Fixed some offensive skills that were still castable in safe zone (e.g. traps)
    • Players attacking from safe zone can't do any damage anymore
    • Updated quests so money rewards appear as a chat message
    • Fixed a bug where dolomite could still work in Clan Fields
    • Fixed various quest icon, dialog and text issues
  • UI
    • Added Item Mall icon to menu bar
    • Added zoom in/out feature in Avatar Preview and Item Mall Preview
  •  Items:
    • Fixed various Small Astarot Wings not having golden names
    • Fixed Prophet Scepter not being visible when equipped
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