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Mulling Over ROSE's Future, A Poll

"Bracket Farming"  

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  1. 1. Would you want ROSE to move into the direction of having many niche but End-game level items from various low to mid level zones?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Indifferent

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I've been thinking about the FAW situation, and what it represents. I've also been masticating the old ways of ROSE where some items from mid-game content used to be somewhat relevant even in early end-game. I have my opinion, or should say had, on the matter but; what's more important is listening to the active and current playerbase, My old fogy preferences be damned.

As an example: A level locked 75 dungeon/locked map dropping materials for a end-game competitive CG frame.
A daily quest that provides 1 material out of 4 needed to craft/exchange an EXP bonus mask whose effect expires after 1 week.
or more instances of various end-game level items [best in slot or comparable] from various level brackets like Lv50, 160, 80 etc.

Try to think on it more than a few seconds, I've been thinking about it for a few hours now and I've come to the conclusion that having the system or not, players WILL play whatever the content is if they want the item, with only a few reservations.

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The "end-game level items with mats from a low-mid level zone" is a way for the players to re-visit these planets, re-visit these low level equipment (many players use exp armor all the way to 250), a new way to skill/stat build a character when the limitation is at low/mid level. It's not really a way for new low level players to get a bigger paycheck, as it is always the veterans player who secure these places. This also artificially prop up an economy for equipment around Lv.160 - 180 creating demand for gems at those levels.

If there is no these re-visiting, people all get stuck at Lv.250, and keep asking for new content, as you see it takes them half year to make one new map for this game. So, it is better just to recycle. This game for now and in the near future still needs to cater to some old players, and old players are not interested in getting stuck at mid to sub-max level, because all the interesting stuff like dungeon PvM, PvP occurs at Lv.250. So, it is better to make the game like what it is now, letting you breeze through the levels if you know how to do it, and give you the option to re-visit the low to mid level content.

Imagine all these Astarot feather, Golden Orlean mail drop for Lv.250, everyone will get to Lv.250 without questioning, who will be the one creating new characters to carry the real new players to the top? Because let's be honest, this game if played fresh as a new player, it is very tough, and frustrating to the point where you probably won't make it to the end and uninstalled, since the leveling meta revolves around Sala flame spam and sacrifice. Then you might ask, why not just default the game at Lv.250 right away when you start a new character? I don't know, I wish it to be that way, or giving me the option to buy my way to Lv.250 😙, I don't think it is pay to win, it is just pay to skip.

And regarding "Niche end game item", yes I prefer them to be a niche, and matter of fact I prefer most end game item to be niche, because if these end game items are a necessity, it would mean I HAVE to get them in order to play dungeon, PvP properly. I do not have a single FAW, and I love my doctor arm, so cheap but so powerful. I have 7x Lv.250 character, none of them have Brave/Courage armor, it's just not needed but I have the option to get them if I feel like to. And to show you why if an end game item being a necessity is bad ... For example, there are some classes in PvP such as Artisan, Bourg, Mage, Raider, Scout, you are at significant disadvantage if you don't have Honor armor, this creates frustration and barricades new players entering the scene. I don't mean to make all honor armor niche in here, so don't get me wrong.

The new Wings of the Sun is perfectly calibrated, you don't NEED it to play dungeon/PvP properly, but if you wanna be cool where you can run from spawn to shaman peacefully as an Artisan, or want to be a pro dungeon luring knight, or want it as costume, it is an option for you. I would assume it is a top option for xbow scout as fighting gear as they are defense starved, you don't need any defense substat with this wing. Introducing more alternatives to the table is always better than introducing stronger powerful stuff to obsolete the old IMO.


So my verdict is, niche and optional stuff all the way. 🥳

The old power creep style of development in NArose disgust me. 🤮

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I think we all want new content...

Are you asking if we're happy with how the Fallen Astarot Wings were introduced in the game? And if we want that to continue with other items?

Niche? Please clarify.



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Posted (edited)
On 6/21/2024 at 11:59 PM, SirGar said:

I think we all want new content...

Are you asking if we're happy with how the Fallen Astarot Wings were introduced in the game? And if we want that to continue with other items?

Niche? Please clarify.

I am asking if you want [try to speak only for yourself, I want know what individuals are after, not what they think the community wants] more items useful at end game in some situations, coming from low to mid level content, similar to how FAW was designed, but perhaps not as universally mandatory.

Niche as in, strong in specific applications, but a minority of the time.

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