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Patch Notes - 2024-06-21 (Orlo Clan Field)

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Hello everyone!

We're very excited to announce the release of Orlo Clan Field (OCF)! This patch also includes some other fun changes so make sure to read the details below.


Orlo Clan Field (OCF)


Orlo Clan Field is our brand-new Player vs. Player (PvP) map, nestled near the Desert City of Muris on Orlo. Get ready for heart-pounding Clan vs. Clan battles in this high-risk, high-reward arena, filled with a variety of new mobs and bosses to conquer. The monsters here offer higher-than-average experience, top-notch loot, and abundant clan points, making it the ultimate farming hotspot! Perfect for leveling up from 220 to 250, and an exciting new spot for our level 250 players seeking fresh challenges. But beware, the real danger isn’t just the monsters in this PvP zone!


  • Brand New Map: Explore the vast and treacherous Orlo Clan Field.

  • New Craftable Wings: Wings of the Sun: Shine bright with these OCF exclusive wings.

  • OCF Daily Quest: Take on daily challenges for amazing rewards.

  • Dynamic Map Events: Rifts: Experience ever-changing dangers and opportunities.


Speak to Tondro in the Desert City of Muris to get to OCF!




Not much is known about the area currently known as "Orlo Clan Field" except that long ago there were attempts to settle it. Past Orlean residents were drawn to the spiritual power of the area and built a small settlement and a temple to try to channel this holy energy. However the early settlement failed and legend says that dark forces periodically emerged from terrifying rifts and scared the newcomers away. All that remains are the ruins of the old settlement and an array of monsters roaming freely. Now only the bravest fighters of the strongest clans venture into this area to pillage the riches left behind by their ancestors. There are rumors that from time to time or when there is a lot of activity in this area the terrifying monsters return once more through their rifts to defend their territory.



Wings of the Sun

These new grade 9 OCF-exclusive wings focus on defensive stats, providing a solid alternative to the coveted Fallen Astarot Wings. Gather materials from OCF and Halls of Oblivion to craft these magnificent wings.



Daily Quest Reward - Tondro's Treasure Chest



  • New Daily Reward box: Received upon completing the Daily Quest. It may contain a variety of useful and valuable items including Mystic Charms and Protective Amulets, new versions of these old game drops.

    • To avoid confusion,  the Mystic Charms and Protective Amulets that were already in game were replaced with zulie

      • Mystic Charm: 10,000 zulie
      • Protective Amulet: 15,000 zulie


Level and Gem Restriction in Clan Fields


OCF brings some new endgame PvP and PvE content for level 250 players, as such we have introduced a level 180 cap for Luna Clan Field (LCF). This represents a shift in the clan field meta which will bring require new strategies, gears and more as LCF becomes a level restricted zone. Our original design with the Astarot's Jealousy debuff and the standard drop penalty was so that players would choose to use lower level characters to play in LCF to maximize their advantage. However the debuff was not enough of a deterrent and crafty players still used their max levels characters for sacrifice, salamanders and summons. As such, our vision for a mid-level PvP experience did not pan out as expected . In the future when we release other clan fields they will also be level restricted. We hope this will create a new vibrant economy around level 180 character items and enable players to experience a new form of PvP with less stat points, less skill points and more!

We have also disabled the effect of Drop Gems inside OCF and LCF. This means players won't have to equip a full set of drop gems in clan fields and can instead experiment with other PvM or PvP specific gems. Since these zones drop rare and coveted items, the decision to use drop gems was usually the "default" option for character builds in these zones. In an effort to encourage and promote diverse builds we've eliminated this option! To compensate for the the drop rate change, monster drop rates were increased accordingly. Now players can focus on being as strong as possible and less "optimized as possible".

We will be soliciting feedback from players regarding the drop gem restrictions. We will also be monitoring drop rates to assess the overall impact. Depending on the reception, it might open a wider discussion about the viability of drop gems in the game overall and whether we should consider more sweeping changes.


Drop Changes

We're very excited to announce that we have started to revamp the drop tables! We have received recurring feedback from players that there is an overwhelming amount of "trash" drops in the game and with limited value. For many players it's often not clear whether to keep these in storage or to simply sell them to an NPC. Additionally, when for most areas it is simply impossible to pick up most of them because the sheer variety of individual drops quickly fills up the limited inventory slots.

Our initial drop table change were limited to Fossil Sanctuary and OCF so that our most dedicated end-game players would be able to experience the new changes and provide us with feedback. Based on reception on this change in these zones, we plan to continue refining the drop tables and then finally expand this initiative to refresh the drop tables for all maps in the game.

image.png             --->                image.png

The main change is the reduction in the variety of "trash" drops. Going forward, players will be able to farm in a single spot WITHOUT filling up the material tab after a few minutes and needing to return to town. Some monsters had as many as 30 trash drops in their drop tables. Our new design aims to limit these trash drops to a maximum of 10 per mob.

From our internal testing the farming experience is greatly improved from this change, enabling players to more comfortably collect materials and more steadily generate zulie during a farming session.

UI Enhancements

This patch we also made some minor QoL improvements to a few UI components The clan create UI was updated to include a variety of new default icons! Additionally we made some adjustments to the clan UI to avoid some design inconsistencies such as the clan icon not being centered or the clan status drop down appearing over the "entrust" button.


Additionally the quest UI was expanded to be able to fit more content and avoid titles overflowing




  • Orlo Clan Fields
    • Added new map
    • Added dynamic rift system
    • Added new drop tables system for OCF mobs (less trash drops)
    • Added new daily quest to Tondro
    • Added new dialog to Tondro to enter OCF
    • Added new items: Wings of the Sun, Tondro's Treasure Chest and more
  • Gameplay
    • Equipment items with drop stats (e.g. drop gems) disabled in LCF/OCF
  • Maps:
    • Halls of Oblivion: Added Gold Bar to Mammy Queen/Mummy King drop tables
    • Luna Clan Field: Increased drop rates to balance drop gem disabling
  • Items:
    • Fallen Astarot Wings: Removed disassemble formula
    • Terrasaurus Mount: Changed from character locked to account locked on use
    • Mastyx Mount: Changed from character locked to account locked on use
  • Misc
    • Ping feature updated to show continuous ping (use `/ping` chat command or enable fps in options)
    • Removed save town option from Burtland
  • Gamepad
    • Changed B button to no longer re-opens the last closed UI
    • Changed B button to cancel actions in the following order when pressed multiple times: close avatar context ui, cancel attack
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue when cancelling attack can glitch the animation and make the client bug
    • Fixed NPCs getting duplicated when teleporting on the same map
    • Fixed avatar UI opening on yourself when driving PAT
    • Fixed avatar UI opening on yourself when using Mounts
    • Fixed some trees in Fossil Sanctuary to avoid getting stuck
    • Fixed some Portuguese monsters name
    • Fixed transparency issues on several items
    • Fixed an issue where client/server positions would become de-synchronized
  • Quest
    • Added Quest Icons on Felice Fete
    • Added Quest Icons on Lucille Fete
    • Added Quest Dialogs on Lucille Fete
    • Added Dance my Best to Quest Tracker
    • Added missing Portuguese translations for:
      • A Jewel in the Sand
      • Hiria's Tear
    • Added some missing quest icon dialogs to Fulmo
    • Changed dialog order for some of Fulmo's dialog to make them less annoying
  • Drops
    • Added missing Gems 12 on various kings
    • Added missing Gems 11 on various kings
    • Added missing Gems 10 on various kings
    • Increased Dragon Scales drop rate on all Worm Dragon mobs
    • Increased and normalized Glistening Drop Rate across all mobs
    • Increased Prismatic Fibers Drop Rate in Open World
    • Increased Prismatic Lattice Drop Rate in Open World
    • Reduced junk drops on Fossil Map
  • UI
    • Updated clan creation UI and add new default icons
    • Clan dialog: Moved the Entrust, Expel, Promote, Demote, Invite, and Leave buttons down.
    • Clan dialog: Shrunk the Combo Box (sort by: select box) to fit within the Clan UI window
    • Fixed Exp Nullifier status icon not appearing
    • Fix typo on Daze status and add French translations
    • Fixed double line bug on Anzhelika's dialogs
    • Fixed typo in Chacha's dialogs
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