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Please help me decide between Bourg or Arti :(


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Just became lvl 100 and I am in a pickle.

I made 3.5m from lvl 1 to approx 80 by buying mats, respeccing, crafting and selling and then respeccing back to launcher again.
I really like crafting, but I don't want to become bad at pvm just to be able to craft 😞 

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I have 180lvl launcher artisan. I like it as in leveling I can use launcher and then I can skill and stat reset when I want to craft. BUT you are missing mostly aoe skills that bourg has! So you cant really farm...

But as launcher arti you can have decent single target dmg with poison and def down (aoe) skills. Maybe I would prefer going bourg, but Im not even near max lvl so I dont really know yet.. At this level I can craft decent wings and backshields to sell, but dunno if you can now really make zulies with crafting as there are a lot fewer players than like year ago.

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Ok thanks! 

I have chosen bourg, but now I am still deciding on Gun or Launcher,

I have launcher for now, but i am unsure what the best order is for leveling skills. Should I focus on attack skills, passive buffs, active buffs or summons?

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