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critical max is 50% Or can it be higher?

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How crit works:


Your critical rating stat gets converted to a percentage based on level; the higher level you are, the more critical you need to increase the percentage. 

At level 250 26.9 critical = 1% 


The maximum amount of crit rate you can acheive is 50%, but your total crit can exceed that.

There is also a critical defense stat which is subtracted from the attackers critical rating befote being converted to a percentage. 

Because of critical defense, the crit percent in your character stats is a little misleading.


If your character has 1345 critical it would equate to 50% crit rate in your character stats. But let's say you are hitting a target with 250 crit defense, your true crit rate would actually be 40.71%.

Because of this it can still be beneficial to raise your crit above the 50% mark.





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Sorry, I still don't understand. I just want to ask, even if the critical hit rate reaches 50%, if I increase the critical hit rate, will it increase the critical hit success rate, or will it increase the damage?

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It will increase the success technically but it can still never of 50%. Critical damage is a separate stat which can only be increased by certain skills/passives, citrine marquis and some exalted sets that give it as a set bonus.

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