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My biggest suggestion this time around is to only sell cosmetic/vanity items in the item mall, assuming that there is one. I wouldn't sell anything like XP boosts or other crazy items that give you a big boost over other players, or alters the gameplay in any way. The in-game economy of the old official Rose was destroyed when they started to sell shit that free to play players wouldn't have access to, at least without spending billions of Zulie to get something from a shop. I recommend making all items from the item mall account bound, no matter what it is, so things can't be resold at ridiculous prices. The in-game economy should be strictly in-game items, that everyone has access to. It would be neat if there were monthly events, where new vanity items (maybe in sets or with a particular theme?) are added to the item mall, and maybe an additional thing every-so-often, like a unique quest line, for players to unlock certain things, like special vanity pets, etc. Things to renew interest in the game over longer periods of time would be nice to see.

If every item has some kind of value in one way or another, and each class has a purpose, such as; Dealers/Artisans being required to craft advanced items or gems, Muse/Clerics for heals and buffs, Soldiers/Knights/Champions for tanking shit and clearing mobs, Hawkers for dealing big burst damage for boss killing, that's when you have a bustling and thriving in-game community & economy. I hope the balance is just right. I believe the game can still have potential, even today.

One helpful thing that could be added is, for each material that can be crafted into something more useful, there could be some kind of UI indicator somewhere that shows players what it can be crafted into if you hover over it, so people can tell if a material is something they want to keep or not. One thing I found confusing about the game in the past is, I never knew what materials were worth holding on to. I think there needs to be as much information available in-game as possible, so people, particularly new players, don't have to constantly look things up outside of the game, like where to level up or something like that.


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From the FAQ

3.2 Pay to Win 

  • Do you plan to continue the previous ROSE Online business model?

We are well aware, that the game started to suffer from pay-to-win rot over time and we will not be repeating this pattern. Our goal is to make ROSE a fun game with a great community, not to exploit our players. Gravity is our business partner, but we are a new company and a new team independent of them. This means, that we can and will do things differently as stewards of ROSE Online. The most important of which are transparency and the inclusion of our community in the development process.

  • What will you be able to purchase from the Item Mall?

There will only be cosmetic items and quality of life perks for sale on the item mall. Costumes will not provide extra stats.

  • Will there still be premium accounts?

There seems to be demand for a way to support us on a regular basis, so we are going to keep premium accounts in the game. A premium account will only get a couple of quality of life features (e.g. remote storage or the option to leave your vending shop behind) and never anything that would be considered pay to win.

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