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[Guide] Free Travelling Between Orlo and Junon!


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This requires having the Oblivion Temple quests done that allows access to Orlo through the Portal! (Basically anyone who got to Orlo at level 180 had to do this quest)

To get to Orlo:

1. Go to El Verloon Desert, and Enter the Oblivion Temple through Williams NPC.

2. Talk to [Orlean Ambassador] Bond and choose option 2. and then option 1.

3. Go into the Portal and choose option 1. to go to Orlo. Leave the Portal Room through one of the 4 exits.

To get to Junon:

1. Go to The Golden Ring Map and go East/Right of map to enter Orlean Portal Temple map.

2. Go to South/Bottom part of Pyramid to find the ramp that brings you up to the Pyramid.

3. Walk into the Pyramid door to enter the Portal Room, and walk through the Portal.

4. Walk into the Portal and choose option 2. to go up to B1 and exit Oblivion Temple into El Verloon Desert, or simply use a Town Scroll.


Screenshots for reference added bellow:



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21 hours ago, Bobbity said:

Take note of the 'Kegs Can Fly' quest that is complete but yet to be submitted. 🙂


The Jet Pack use allows for getting unstuck in Orlo. Until the sticking issues are fixed I’m not turning in the quest. The Jet Pack has helped me many times to get out of walls and pits.
Yes, you can also use it to travel to the 3 maps at 100% chance when using 10 fuel (fuel requires some farming to obtain) but why turn in the quest for a useless cosmetic when there’s no Save Town option in Muris either and all the sticky situations?

Would be nice if the back cosmetic had the Jet Pack skill enabled as a unique skill when equipped.

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On 3/3/2023 at 11:20 AM, HoneyBuns said:

I did already suggest that a Save Town option be added to Muris.   Honestly, I don't know why we never had one there.  Hopefully that can be added.

Please try to fix the Kegs jet pack. It’s a shame the item is moved from a consumable to equipment after the quest is done and you can’t use the item anymore. Real shame. 

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After the first time I handed in the quest and got that cosmetic equipment, I never again handed it in, even up until the end of NARose. I considered the quest occupying space in my quest log to be overhead for low-cost renewable teleportation. If we make the skill permanent once the quest is submitted, we'll have to have a conversation about teleportation and its uses for PvM and PvP, which will inevitably lead to the dead-ended Fortified Mana Shield discussion. I doubt the dev team is ready to implement teleportation of this sort widely throughout the game.

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