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What’s the Deal With Event Items?


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It has come to my attention that there is inconsistencies amongst Event Items. Some players have brought up the facts that all Event Items used to have stats on them which are still present among the Summer Event Items obtained at the beach next to Zant. As well as some of the Christmas Items too (including chance at sub stats as well). 

Now with Valentine’s Day Event underway none of the items have stats on them. When they used to have stats before.

So what’s the deal? Are Event Items to be unique yearly fun items with niche stats or simply statless cosmetic items? Kinda feels bad to farm so much for statless items when there is already IM Items for cosmetic purposes.

I believe that the Event Items should have their stats returned to what they were since no other items in the game share similar stats. Event Items also already have their own grade as “Event” which allows the use of stat scrolls but what’s the point if they don’t have stats. Or if only the Christmas items offer sub stats. 

The way I see it is either remove stats off all Event Items or Return the stats back to keep it consistent. 

TLDR: Return stats to Event Items please! Or remove all stats from all Event Item. One or the other for the sake of consistency.



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Event items should definitely keep their stats as that is part of the reason why players attend these events and collect these items, as well as being a cosmetic item they can use.

This happened with the Lifeguard Uniform some time ago. I hope this is just an error when they did a sweep on stats on event items related to the cash shop.

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