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Please dont Kill me for this suggestion ;D! NFT About.


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Well dudes, just explore the web and you will notice that there is a lot of pages that SELL game currency for real money.

The problem is, they affect the estabilty of the devs money and another server issues. 

Another problem is the actual NFT is not a concept we can use here but have a relation with this idea:

Why not just make a tradeable token ingame but the players will NOT need to create a content, they will just need to buy it from game and the GAME will create content for them (devs, artist from game, etc.), and then the server will offer some money at a FIXED rate for them and at a FIXED moment or MOMENTS. ¿Why this? Cose the price of your token will be increased and the poeple can just buy them from OTHER PLAYERS and then the cost is less for the real people.

The token like "ROSE JELLY" could be used to buy 3 things (only one option):

-Only decors, emotes, dances, SKINS, faces, etc.(not power or p2w stuff).

-Decors and buffs for leveling fast.

-All things.

Show me your opinions, ideas, evilness, etc.


Have Good DAY


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I don't know if I understood your post 100% so I will just stick with this;

Regarding spending real money on a game, I see nothing wrong with it. 
As long as it doesn't affect game-play to much. 

For skins, cosmetics & other stuff that doesn't affect the ingame economy(the stuff you buy are account-bound for example). 
I'm not a fan of items for boosting the EXP, I prefer events in that case. 

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