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Eldeon Solo Levelling Guide 160+


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This guide is for people who prefer solo levelling and gaining some few extra Zulies along the way from levels 160+ in Eldeon. This is by no means a fast levelling method, just an alternative to Ruins group farm, Oblivion Temple group farm, or Marsh of Ghosts farm.

(These quests are all in the Sikuku Ruins and require a lot of travelling and attention to dialogue for smooth sailing!)

There are 4 quests to grab for this levelling method. The 4th is a chain quest which starts in Ruins and can be done in parts as you travel from Xita to Ruins through Shady Jungle.


In Xita Refuge:

Delivery Quests*:

  1. Sikuku Ruins Delivery (1): Given by [Arumic Researcher] Catherine Clara (Deliver beakers to Redford*)  
  2. Supplying the Expedition: Given by [Ferrel Guild Staff] Gilbert (Deliver the supplies to Bennett)

Monster Killing Quest:

  1. Supplying Weaponry: Given by [Righteous Crusader] Harold Evan (Collect 7 Tigris Captain teeth)

(Completing the above 3 quests will reward you with 54 Valor Points and about 8-11 million XP)

*Redford is part of the delivery quest and he himself after some dialogue play offers Tree of Purification quest which is the 4th quest to take!

*Delivery Quests Can be done within 12 minutes with Sporty/Racing Cart (with Backseat) or with Mount (if Muse/Knight using manashield builds/block builds) or with high Movement Speed Hawker classes with invisibility. See map images for fast route bellow marked in Pink! (The Purple circled areas on the fast route require some mountain climbing and skilled manouvering to get over, it may or may not be ideal for some. Otherwise simply follow the paths around those points).


In Sikuku Ruins:

Chain Quest:

  1. Purification Tree (1): Given by [Arumic Researcher] Redford (Find information on the tree in Shady Jungle)

(Completing this quest chain rewards around 120k Zulie, 4 Vital HP Potions (M), 6 Lisent Hg, and about 5-8 million XP)

The rinse and repeat of this method is as follows:

  1. Set your Save Town (aka respawn point) as Xita Refuge
  2. Grab the 3 quests mentioned above (NPCs are in red circled areas on the maps bellow).
  3. Get to Sikuku Ruins (Follow the blue line as guide to get there on the maps bellow).
  4. Make your way to Redford in Sikuku Ruins.
  5. Give Redford the beakers from Catherine (Delivery Quest).
  6. Talk to Redford about the Tree of Purification and accept the quest.
  7. Make your way to the Northwest part of Sikuku Ruins (circled in orange on the map bellow). Here you will find the Tigris Captains for Harold's quest (Supplying Weaponry). Should take about 7-12 kills to complete.
  8. Head over to the little camp in the center of the map to find Bennett (Supplying the Expedition) and turn in the quest.
  9. At this point you have 3 of the 4 quests complete, time to go back to Xita (get a player to kill you in ruins or stand in a party's aoe until death and then respawn in save town).
  10. Turn in the 3 quests, and pick them up again!
  11. Get to Shady Jungle and enter the Sikuku Village where the big tree is (aka Tree of Purification).
  12. Under the tree talk to [Sikuku Resident] Parah and talk to her about having hope to get the next part of the Tree of Purification quest.
  13. Head over to [Cleric] Jude slightly Northeast of the tree area (see red circled spots on map bellow) and talk to her about helping the tree.
  14. Go back and examine the tree near its face side (South side) there will be some spider webs covering some eggs (see image bellow), step on them to trigger text and recieve the next part of the quest.
  15. Go back to [Cleric] Jude and tell her there is a way to cure the tree! She will ask you to gather 25 Bone Spider Venom (Bone Spider locations are circled in yellow in the Ruins map bellow).
  16. Off to Sikuku Ruins now.
  17. Once again turn in beakers delivery quest at Redford.
  18. You may hunt Bone Spiders near Redford or go to Tigris Captains and then the big Bone Spider area for the venoms.
  19. When done hunting, turn in the supplies quest at Bennett again, and get yourself killed to return to Xita.
  20. Turn in and pick up the 3 quests again, and go to Shady Jungle to Jude for 120k Zulie and potions reward!
  21. She tells you to go back to Redford, do so and recieve some more XP and some Lisent Hg. Give him the delivery of beakers again, and pick up the Tree of Purification quest also.

The first few rounds may take a while to learn, but once you have a pace down it will get faster! Just rinse and repeat and happy levelling!


Images bellow to help show where things are!

Red circles = NPC locations

Orange circles = Tigris Captain location

Yellow circles = Bone Spider locations 

Blue line = Guideline to destinations















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Added some missed information and corrections. Added a Fast route with pictures!
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