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Multi-Buff Job Potions + All-In-One Hero Potion


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Artisan can craft each buff potion individually and there’s a lot of them. (TLDR at bottom)

I would like to suggest adding a potion or potions that can be crafted using a combination of the single ones into one that gives 4 buff effects (due to crafting limitations) instead of one. This would free up inventory clutter and as well reduce the amount of cool down waiting time to activate each individual potion. 

The potions could be grouped together the same way the jobs have buffs at the moment. For example 1 of each potion for Str, HP, Defense, Atk to craft a Soldier Potion which gives all 4 of those buffs on use.

These 4 job potions could then be combined into a All-In-One Hero Potion that  gives all buffs on use and takes up even less inventory space.

TLDR: Potion craft system similar to Gem crafting where single Buff Potions are combined to 4-Buff Potions and then further combined to an All-In-One Buff Potion.


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