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[Guide] «ReShade» And Free Preset


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So I've had a lot of questions on stream about my graphic settings about why my game looks so much different, and by some accounts better than everyone else's. That's because I use ReShade with ROSE to dramatically alter the look of the game! After much request, here is the guide so you too can install ReShade, and start enhancing your graphics today.

Step 1: Install ReShade

So installing ReShade is as easy as any other standard application. Simply download the installer here: ReShade
NOTE: Download the version WITH add-on support! this is important as it has the network data check commented out. If you don't have this version, ReShade will disable the shaders.

You should get a warning about how the Add-on version is intended for single player games. This is standard practice for ReShade as anti-cheat software can get false-positives from it, since ROSE doesn't use one, we're safe to use it here.

Following the prompt the installer will ask where to install ReShade. Navigate to your ROSE installation path, and select trose.exe as shown below.

On the following Screens Select:
- DirectX 9
- Skip Preset Install
- Tick the uncheck all, then check all
Pressing "next" will begin the installation of all shaders included in the installer.
You're now finished with the basic installer, click Finish.

Next you'll want to grab the ROSE 2023 preset I've made from here: Link

To install the Shaders and Preset:

Copy contents of "ROSE 2023 Shaderpack" to your ROSE Online installation directory/reshade-shaders/
Copy "ROSE 2023.ini" preset to your ROSE Online installation directory/reshade-presets/custom [if this doesn't exist go ahead and make it yourself]

Alright: Now that that's done: launch the game as usual, via the Rednim Launcher.

You'll immediately be greeted with the Tutorial if the installation was a success «Default Keybind shift+f2 or home». Feel free to read through it, or skip as you please.
After you've completed the Tutorial or skipped it, select the preset selection bar at the top, and navigate to the "custom" directory and select "ROSE 2023" as shown in the image below.

Then you'll want to set up the Global Preprocessor Definitions:
Just copy these settings here

Lastly: You need to go into the ROSE game options, and DISABLE anti-aliasing! ReShade will not grant you access to the depth-buffer if AA is enabled [Good news, ReShade has it's OWN anti-aliasing effects! So you won't have to go without]

And WA-LA! The application should load the preset, and you're good to go!

Some special notes of interest:
If you get any failed to compile errors, and they're not "active" effects from the preset: you can right click those, select "show in explorer" and simply delete the effects. Once you've cleaned them all up at the bottom of the in-game ReShade interface, select reload, and it'll clean up the error messages.
For the ADOF "Adaptive Depth of Field" I prefer to right-click that, and select a hot-key to toggle it from time to time.

If you like my color-scheme and style, here's the settings to replicate it!

If you have any questions: comment below.
Feel free to join our VertexGroup Discord for more immediate help on ReShade, General ROSE topics, and just to hang out.

And Happy ReShading ROSE Gamers.


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Sorry everyone who was having issues with the ADOF [Adaptive Depth of Field]. As it turns out, I had forgot I changed the global preprocessor definitions, and didn't include them in the set up guide! They're now included in the guide, so if you've been having issues with "blurriness" then change those settings, and your ADOF should function normally [things further away blur when you camera focus is close to your character or another object]

Again, sorry for the oversight and have a great day ROSE gamers.

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18 hours ago, Nimro said:

I have created the reshade-presets and costum folder, pasted the .ini file but can't see the/select the file ingame in reshade. Any idea what the problem could be?

Can you show me some screenshots in-game when you try to select the ini?

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23 minutes ago, Brynd0 said:

Hey man, i liked so much this and tried to replicate ur color-scheme, but i cant find where i need to make changes, where could i find it? thanks for all


15 minutes ago, Clester said:

No because you character in game did not make any violations unless you are reported as well.


Only  my opinion..


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2 hours ago, ryn said:

image.png.49f32877b969d013d24ddd2b35d50ed7.pngi cant find this part,

This took me a minute to find as well. It's on the Home tab, at the bottom (under the list of effects). Click the "Edit global preprocessor definitions" to get those fields

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