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Say Hello (to Rose Online)


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Just now, Kai said:

OMG ZURN!!!! how've you been?!


Add me back to Shiragiku later!!!

I’ve been around for a while just don’t spam the discord a ton, we’ll see what happens when the game opens up!

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8 minutes ago, MooSM said:

Hi all! I am hoping that we are all in our 20s to 30s now cherishing a game we used to play in school as a child. 

It will be time to teach our kids how to play this game right? 😉

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On 1/11/2022 at 7:41 PM, JavaCoyote said:
print "Hello, Rose World!\n"

Why? Because Ruby was a code option 😆

Shouldn't it be:

puts "Hello World \n"


So I just looked it up and there is print as well.... I have used ruby extensively and I just clearly got mixed up with other languages. So forgive the puts debugger follower!!!

I guess I just never used print that I can remember as opposed to the million times i've put puts around all over. Rip byebug too lol.

If anyone asks I was clearly looking to come up with the most concise ruby "hello world" Bwhahaa

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