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Hey hey fellow ROSE players. Some people would like to customize their ROSE cursor. Fortunately, this is possible.

Steps to replace your cursor icon:
- download, create or edit an existing ROSE cursor file. (https://www.cursor.cc/?)
- Open your ROSE res folder C:\Users\**User**\AppData\Local\Programs\ROSE Online\res  (**User** with your pc username)
- replace the original .cur file with your new .cur file. Make sure you rename the files to the original name. So to replace the default cursor, make sure the new .cur file is named "default.cur".

- attack.cur (the attack cursor)
- default.cur (the default rose cursor)
image.png.89645ca50b38e192f79adb422d8dace1.png   -> image.png.5970cf9ba80565494fcb1bbef5fa701b.png

Note: Downloading and replacing .cur files is at your own risk, backup the original files and i'm not sure if the files are replaced on every update.

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