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Quests for Goblin Cave


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Forest of Wisdom and Kenji Beach have repeatable quest and are in the same level range as Goblin Cave B1 and B2 but the caves have no quests and are empty inside while the other two maps are fully crowded and heavily farmed for the quests.

I would like to suggest adding a NPC outside(or inside) of Goblin Cave that offers a repeatable quest for level 55 for B1, level 75 for B2, and level 95 for B3 which offer Zulie and XP as reward appropriate to the levels. 

Example for quests and rewards:

B1: Collect 35 Bronze Ores from monsters in Goblin Cave B1 (Ores have a 40-50% drop chance from all B1 monsters). Rewards: 98,000ish xp, 55,000ish Zulie*

B2: Collect 45 Silver Ores from monsters in Goblin Cave B2 (Ores have a 40-50% drop chance from all B2 monsters). Rewards: 178,000ish xp, 72,000ish Zulie*

B3: Collect 55 Gold Ores from monsters in Goblin Cave B3 (Ores have a 40-50% drop chance from all B3 monsters). Rewards: 250,000ish xp, 99,000ish Zulie*

Also, a series of quests to explore the Goblin Caves that ends with a set of level 80 equipment would be awesome too (similar to the quest line in Anima Lake).

After the questline in Anima Lake and Hero quests there feels to be lack of alternative levelling ways beyond pure grinding and repeatable quests.

Goblin Caves feels like a good place to add more to since it’s currently only visited for the reindeer quest.

*-Values in accordance to be around +/- the amount of the collect 15 pick axe from Fighter Clowns, defeat 75 Doongas, and defeat 100 Krawfy quests)

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I actually saw a lot of players in B1 last night while doing the rosemary doll quest. Was quite surprised lol. Why were they there? Must be the reindeer quest.


I'd love to see a Ferrell guild npc who thinks there's a huge profit to be had in the caves because everyone else is afraid of the goblins. 

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Honestly, I’d rather just see the Kenji repeatable quests nerfed so people wouldn’t all gather there for the ridiculous zulie rewards…

But yeah, if it’s like this then at least I’d like to see quests for goblin cave. It’s an iconic place in ROSE, but now it’s underutilised.

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