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Is there a way to get a 3D model for a Knight?


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I know this question is probably a bit blunt - but I need to ask this.

I am a 3D Animator and I experimented with animating characters and monsters in a different old MMO (Flyff) with some success. Several of my animations made it into the Relaunched FlyffUniverse game (Boss Monster Special Attacks & some character skills).

A friend talked about this game - and I got curious about the Character models. (Hard to find some footage on the animations on Youtube though, since videos usually show the characters absolutely covered in monsters or just showing the basic auto-attack).

Is there a possibility that I could ask for a Single 3D model of a player character extracted, so I can try making some Fan Art animations with it?
(If possible, I am interested in a melee class, like a Knight character in any of their Armors and a Sword.)

I know this is a weird request - I never really played this game - but I am curious about the models, since they look kinda stumpy (hands and legs seem quite short). I wonder how far I could push the character model when it comes to animating it doing some cool attacks and other motions.

I am not sure if I should be posting any links or videos of the animations I made for games, cause that might be considered Self-Promotion? But if I could ask someone from the Dev team to get my hands on a single character model - I'd be grateful. 

I know it is a very bold request.

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Hello there, great to see your enthusiasm about contributing to the game. Down the line we are absolutely open to community contributions to the game, but I do not think we are ready to work with animators just yet.


The issue is, that all files pertaining 3D assets are saved in custom formats unique to the engine and are based on the way 3ds Max represents and stores data. Right now, we are only able to load, edit and save animations in the 2010 version of 3ds Max with some special plugin. This is not the ideal workflow by any stretch and other avenues to enable working on animations in Blender are still a work in progress.

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The Flyff files were saved as a .o3d format. 
I could actually export them to Unity via a COLLADA file (.dae) and animate the character models directly inside of there -> then re-import to the game. In the Flyff client, this method functioned and brought good enough results.

There is a possibility that if 3ds Max could export a T-Pose character with their skeleton as a COLLADA .dae file, they could go through the same process and then be re-imported into 3ds Max 2010 -> then make its way into the game engine via your plugin.

I am not sure if you would be willing to test this of course. I understand the team is busy.
Thank you for responding though, I appreciate you taking the time to address my selfish request. 

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