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Found 5 results

  1. I've already sent Lazy some stuff on this but now that we have an actual forum, it seems like a good idea to mention it here too. Many games have player achievements and they add a fun dimension to game-play. I know Leo and Genesis were interested in adding an achievement system to NA but sadly that never did happen. It's kind of difficult to be specific since we really don't know what changes are being made to the game yet but the achievement system I am talking about would have some for doing normal things like reaching a certain level and getting your first job, joining a clan, learning to drive. Then there could be achievements for killing certain monsters, participating in events, getting a unique weapon etc. There would be pvp achievements. There could also be secret achievements that you unlock when you complete an action or get some item. The possibilities are pretty endless and new achievements could be added as the game expands to more planets. I'm sure setting up a system like this is not easy and is probably not a priority right now but I think it's worth considering for the future
  2. I think it would be a great idea to have a section, in the item mall, that has limited time cosmetic items, that would stay available for 2 weeks only, until they are replaced by other limited time cosmetics. For example, You could have a few costume sets, a few wings and masks, etc. And the idea would be that if you miss out on them, it could take a year before they come back. the amount of limited cosmetics could also be limited to one costume set, one back item and one mask for example, and there would be 26 combinations that would come every two weeks. Or it could be 12 a year with a few more options. Pros: Revenue for Rednim without being pay to win at all since it's all cosmetics! Some cosmetics would be a little more rare, so not everyone would be wearing the same gorgeous outfit. Collectors would be happy to collect costumes knowing that they won't stay in the IM for long (instead of them being available constantly). Cons: None? I think?
  3. I understand that a good amount of mounts might need to be sold via cash shop as it is potentially a good way to secure fair income. But regardless, I would like to suggest adding more in game mounts with premium particle effect / hiding the existing one behind hard to achieve walls or going along with specific titles. I want to see ppl trying hard to get in game exclusive shinny items... I want to see the boiz be proud and flex like pros.
  4. Suggestion: This suggestions consists of two parts, which are supposed to work in symbiosis: Add a "Hero's Presence" aura to max level characters, which increases the out-of-combat regeneration of HP and MP for leveling characters by a significant amount. Add a social point system, which lets a leveling character commend a max level character once per account for being a tutor, friendly, welcoming or helpful in any other way. These could be either a currency for special "social" cosmetics or accumulate as a number for cosmetic rewards at specific milestones or for a (weekly/monthly) leaderboard. I personally prefer a system you cannot "finish", i.e. something like a regularly resetting leaderboard (at least as a part of it). Why: With the rework of the Cleric, concerns have arisen, that the main interaction between low level and high level players - going around and buffing leveling characters, while having friendly and helpful chats here and there - is going to get lost. This was something, that was unique to ROSE and albeit not perfect, still something very positive. The second suggestion is aimed at giving max level players of any job an incentive to seek out leveling players to engage with them and be helpful. The first suggestion ensures, that there is always some tangible improvement with a max level character around. Though, it is specifically not supposed to be an in-combat bonus and no power increase, to prevent it from being mandatory (to bring a second client). Potential Implementation Difficulties: If dual-clienting is allowed, it will be hard to stop someone from creating as many accounts as it takes to keep commanding themselves. I am unsure, whether an aura as described is possible to implement without major rewrites. "Once per account" might also not be a thing right now. Commending would probably have to come in form of a new skill (like Party or Trade). Pros: provides welcoming environment for new players brings recognition to helpful max level players makes "helping low levels" into a more official end game activity removes a concern about the Cleric rework helps populate old zones Cons: possibly too much time investment to implement. exploitable, if not implemented right (though it could be obvious if someone did not earn their social points the honest way), but then again, it would be about a few cosmetics at most
  5. End Game or Prestige Items I would like to suggest Character Bound items to the game. Having End Game Gear or special Prestige Items in game that are Character Bound massivly increases the replayability of said content. Of course there should be plenty of stuff to trade /craft etc etc.
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