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Found 4 results

  1. Quest Item [Locked] Vendor. Vendor/NPC that sells you quest items you've achieved [You've already done the quest] for free, and have a re-sell value of 0, and cannot be disassembled. Useful for if you're a goofyboy/girl and miss-click your quest reward.
  2. Probably somewhere and mentioned before but can we remove the invisible ranged mobs in prison. Once that was implemented the usage dropped to what seems like just boss farming. pro - they suck if you don’t have a way to reveal them, I think they had a stun which could wreck a party pretty quick. Con - removes potential diversity in mob behavior that gives you different gameplay from normal.
  3. Today i would like to introduce a controversial idea : Bots ! The idea behind it is very simple : When a map has less than a certain amount of players the server would spawn some bots at various locations that will attack monsters passing by and help players questing / leveling. The Player would be able to party with bots and enjoy some content that would be otherwise un-accessible alone. Why ? Some of you may ask Simply because Rose tends to get "empty map syndrome" once the server is old enough. Newer players may often find themselves alone in big zones and frustrated. Also it is worth considering that players from certain parts of the world will be playing at times when the majority of the population is asleep / working, you shouldn't feel excluded because of a timezone. Some details : To prevent abuse, you wouldn't be the party master. Bots would be assigned random stuff / classes adapted to each maps. You could only pick up 50% of the loots, just like a real life situations *almost* Bots can use skills, their build is standard. This system is not intended for immediate release but when the game is already 1 years old or so. A very very rough overview on how the system would look like could be this : Now of course, this is just a glimpse of an idea. The final system would be far more optimized ( considering players passing by / shops , levels...) but i believe most of you get the idea.
  4. We we all know, there were very few NPCs in Gorge. NA added more to it with the ability to add more later. Why not add whatever more to the Gorge town and add some quests as well?
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