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Found 7 results

  1. When I played Rose in the past, one thing I did was explore any corner of the maps to find Easter eggs or something no one had found before... Specially at Junon, because the many assets that had those simbols and cryptic inscriptions... I was always thinking, what if those things have a real meaning and lead to a really nice spot with a really nice treasure?
  2. the Breezy Hills map I love, but I don't like how someone could just run though and never be able to level in it or even use it. What is where I drew the red line it is a deep canyon with no way through that people would have to drive or walk/run around. Could be like the grand canyon more or less? The blue lines could be where the characters would have to run to get around Just thinking outside of the box here with ideas.
  3. How about creating Event Maps for the following: Easter Halloween (fight scary mobs, etc) New Years (A fancy party map) Maps to be big enough to fight mobs and not like the Christmas map that is so small that it can't hold many people. Have quests and prizes/zuly for finishing the quests just for each event.
  4. Today i would like to introduce a controversial idea : Bots ! The idea behind it is very simple : When a map has less than a certain amount of players the server would spawn some bots at various locations that will attack monsters passing by and help players questing / leveling. The Player would be able to party with bots and enjoy some content that would be otherwise un-accessible alone. Why ? Some of you may ask Simply because Rose tends to get "empty map syndrome" once the server is old enough. Newer players may often find themselves alone in big zones and frustrated. Also it is worth considering that players from certain parts of the world will be playing at times when the majority of the population is asleep / working, you shouldn't feel excluded because of a timezone. Some details : To prevent abuse, you wouldn't be the party master. Bots would be assigned random stuff / classes adapted to each maps. You could only pick up 50% of the loots, just like a real life situations *almost* Bots can use skills, their build is standard. This system is not intended for immediate release but when the game is already 1 years old or so. A very very rough overview on how the system would look like could be this : Now of course, this is just a glimpse of an idea. The final system would be far more optimized ( considering players passing by / shops , levels...) but i believe most of you get the idea.
  5. I think the Luna Clan Field is way too small, compared to the Junon CF. I think the size needs to be bigger. Also, need Eldeon and Orlo Clan Fields as well. Last I saw, Junon (which 2 aren't used anymore) still showed 3 clan fields in the files, of course only 1 was still used at the end. might look into what to do with those other 2? In the Junon CF, in the old system when you died, you would rez on top of the pillars near the NPC, almost like a protected area, don't know why it was changed later.
  6. This is a rather broad subject but could potentially open up the door for a whole bunch of new features which will make the game better, more realistic and more interesting. I'll start with a basic overview. Has anyone ever noticed that many monster spawns overlap walls, trees, building and the edge of maps where the ground becomes almost vertical? It's extremely annoying to me when I'm trying to target a Woopie and the stupid thing just runs into the wall around Zant town and disappears. Or pumpkins bouncing up the cliffs so you can't reach them. How about when a monster drops a rare item and it drops INSIDE A ROCK so you can't pick it up? That has happened to me so many times. So how do we fix that? Using collision detection in the client doesn't help in the least since the position of all spawned game objects is controlled by the server. This means we need collision detection in the server. But how? you might ask. Well that's a problem that I have already solved. All we need is a collision grid file for each map. Using this we can assign areas for normal land, water, edges that cannot be passed and so on. We can even specify different types of ground. Grass, paths, towns or pretty much anything we like. With a small change to AIP and/or QSD handling we can reprogram monsters to keep them where they belong, stop them wandering off the map or whatever. We can even use the settings to simulate barriers to stop players from going off the map. Creating the collision grids is time consuming (at least the method I used was. maybe somebody else has a better idea of how to make them) but it is a solved problem, as are all the mechanics that are needed to make the system operable. I would be willing to share my solutions to this and other problems. Specifics of what the addition of this mechanism can do: How would you like to see some spawns that are able to move dynamically? How about the possibility of armies of Jelly Beans over-running the village in Adventurers Plains? and triggering a server wide event for all players to come and save the map by pushing them back out of the village? Using this kind of collision detection we can allow a special Scout type monster to spawn occasionally. It will simply run around the entire map (in allowable places defined by the collision grid) and when it finds an open spot it will create a new spawn point (possibly by morphing into a "spawner" type monster, whose AIP allows it to fill it's new spawn with new jelly beans over time before eventually making a new Scout). When a spawn is created in a designated "Town" zone then it can be used to trigger an event as described above. Maybe the NPCs might run away until the spawns are cleared. The specifics can be discussed if anyone is interested but the possibilities are endless. Dynamic events, Even monster types fighting each other, factions? Will you support the Jellies or the Choropies? Whatever. You get the idea right? I can go into a lot more detail and explore further ideas that this system could help to implement if anyone is interested.
  7. I would like to suggest that the Christmas event map be expanded, with multiple quests/storylines and a much bigger map. The old original map was way too small, maybe use Snow Valley for Christmas or a brand new map with more detail and bigger in size.
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