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Found 2 results

  1. See guys and devs there is some options: 1) Make spots dinamic: Move the spot to another random location on the map, NOT only one monster, instead 5-10 of them. And bosses too. Maybe move the ALIVE mobs, or just the spot location. 2)Make the urgency to use ALL skills and be skilled against the mobs: the mobs IA can be much highter than before, so they can now: move to a boss if in danger, to make the group stronger; retreat (for no more than 20 meters <<); poke(kiting, if they are ranged); use skills in area, and you CANT see the area, so you must use your brain to dodge. 3)They can have multiple buffs of elemental def, so you will do more damage if you match the weakness of the mob. Thanks.
  2. I've noticed on alpha streams that monsters generally hit quite hard and take a while to kill, even when they are green and the streamer is running full (10) refined gear which most players won't have resources for at the beginning. Although I haven't played in the alpha myself, I feel like solo leveling is a bit too hard right now and would suggest a general monster nerf, reducing either hp or defense stats of monsters across the board. This makes solo leveling more viable considering this will be a new server where nobody has the Zuly to refine gear constantly and where there will be no high level clerics to buff you and make you considerably stronger. It will also make the grind a bit faster, which seems to be what other people have voted for in this thread.
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