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  1. Every class should be able to craft something unique to their class to have something to play with on the market. But.. we don't want to make Artisans useless either. So here is an idea where each class can craft something to sell on the market. Soldier: As skilled fighters they can train those capsule pets, which fights with you for a short time, into stronger versions and longer durations. Because these things are still a consumable it will be an ongoing business for Soldiers. Hawker: As adventurer's Hawkers know every square inch of a map. Hawker's can craft Teleport Scrolls of every map in the game. Some of these aren't even for sale at the scroll vendors, so Hawkers will have an ongoing business with this. Muse: As the magic wielders of the game Muses surely knows their magic. They can craft enchantments to put on weapons. As these enchantments wears off after some time Muses have an ongoing business with these. Dealer: Beside the fact Dealers are already the crafty guys in the game there is something they only can craft. Dealers can craft Armor Kits to temporarily make armor better. As these Armor Kits wears off after some time Dealers have an extra addition to their marketgame with these. Edit: The Soldier and Dealer idea could be swapped if that is better.
  2. The following proposes a small tweak to Alchemy Craft that has continuous benefits for vertical progression as well as some benefits for PvP and other end-game content. Currently, Level 1 Alchemy Craft can craft some HP and MP potions, a basic grenade and flash grenade (single-target ACC down consumable), a box of bone arrows, a box of iron bullets and crates of aforesaid HP/MP vials. Firstly, there's no reason crafting iron shells shouldn't be an option alongside iron bullets. This makes launcher-wielding Dealers a bit more independent and frees up some space in their backpack. Also, please adjust the ACC down debuff from flash grenades to be extended by 1.5 seconds. This would match the time it takes a Dealer to execute another skill or to run out of aggro range. Secondly, being able to craft mines could offer Dealers a very strong addition to their current playstyle. Mines are consumable small invisible ground-placeable semi-permanent units that damage and debuff nearby enemies when self-destructing on contact. The range of contact should be around 3.5m, slightly greater than melee attack range. Units use the Dealer's summon gauge and disappear in PvP when the Dealer dies or leaves the arena instance. Whether this happens when the Dealer dies in the open-world map is up for debate. Availability of crafting ingredients naturally limits the strength of this addition (via loot and zulie), preventing overpowered strats. Ingredients would be similar to grenades. Being able to use mines and even later stationary True Sight items like sentries (an evolution of the basic mines for the endgame Dealer) to detect and counter assassinating katars could also be a unique but not overpowered PvP playstyle, depending on the implementation. Anyone who has ever played in similar ways in games like RUST and Dota should be able to easily understand the mental metagame involved that adds another layer to PvP combat. For players who are unfamiliar with this style of combat, feel free to message me with your questions outside of the forum. Thirdly, could we have another basic crafting recipe to convert gunpowder to gunpowder packets (maybe gunpowder and a cloth-type material?). This gives Dealers even greater independence by converting looted items almost directly into ammo and ordnance. Every potentially impactful decision a Dealer has to make, especially regarding looted materials (toss or keep?) makes their experience more meaningful and enjoyable. Lastly, I'd like to propose a radical addition known as a Fire. This would be another consumable crafted from coal, wood and metal. When consumed, the 'fire' spawns a temporary fire-model unit (the one seen in Goblin Caves and Desert of the Dead, not the Bonfire model of Muses) on the ground that gives a flat and percentage (scaling) bonus to CON for nearby allied units. This relates to an endgame goal for Artisans called a Forge that isn't the currently useless Castle Gear. Please consider the above seriously, especially the iron shells and mines crafting. Thank you for your consideration.
  3. Ed


    i'm currently playing on the longest running server of rose, so i suggest that please limit the gems drop to 1 and [1] so that their value wont diminish so much like a trash and can still be flexed as long as this game is alive.
  4. Okay, so to start off, I did post in your discord and also on a youtube comment. I was directed here. I apologize for bad formatting and rambling. Passion is hard to break down into simple means for me. So here we go! Classes, a complete overhaul to refresh the game and set it apart from other rose variants. Firstly "visitor" would become "villager." I mean you aren't just "visiting" the world when the Aura Fairy teleports you there, you become a "resident" which you could also change Visitor into Resident. Maybe the "welcome to the game quest" which helps new players learn the game turns you into a "villager" or "resident" thus immediately grants you "resident" or "villager" title/class. You should in my mind be able to play through the entire game without ever choosing another class. Sort of a "hardcore" mode. But then you would have your four main "first job" classes, which would be changed slightly.... The upcoming changes also had a bit (in my mind) to do with how the developers stated they wanted to make the Muse MORE than just a "sit there and buff" class.... these changes help with that for all class sets.... Instead of Soldier, Hawker, Muse, and Dealer, you would have Warrior, Thief, Mage and Dealer (couldn't think of another name for dealer). Each of these would then have FOUR subclasses (aka 2nd tier) that you could upgrade into. Again this would help set the game apart from other Rose Clients allowing players to have more variety and gameplay style/choices. The Warrior (ex Soldier) would then be able to upgrade into Knight, Paladin, Champion, and Samurai. The Paladin would be a ideal for more solo minded players, as you would have moderate damage, moderate defense, and light healing. Paladin weapons would focus on single hand weapons with a shield. But they would be able to use wands and shields to slightly buff their mana/heal power, but still not as good healing as the Cleric from the mage category. The Knight would be your typical tank, with high defense and moderate damage who focuses on shield and single handed melee weapons with lots of shield skills like bash or taunt.... Champion is your typical "all rounder" class which has moderate defense, moderate damage, and can use ANY melee weapon in the game, a great "introduction" into the world of melee. The Samurai would then become your "sword user" who could uses swords, spears, and katanas (new weapon set) and have special skill sets to go with each of their weapon choices. The Samurai would have high damage and low defense. This gives the player more choice and more segregation between classes in 2nd tier. Helps let players feels more "unique". The Thief (ex Hawker) would then be able to upgrade into Assassin, Ranger, Swashbuckler, and Bard. The Assassin would get new a new weapon aka DAGGER which can be equipped into both hand slots (typically sword/shield or wand/other). The Assassin would also be able to use the hawker "dual sword" and "katar" based weapons. The class breakdown would have two subsets, direct and indirect. Indirect focuses on going invisible and attacking from the shadows while direct would focus on straight on damage. Assassins would have high damage and low defense. Then Ranger would be your typical bow/crossbow class. Who can also call "animals" to aide them in the form of pets. So you could call a hawk, or a wolf, and maybe two other types of creatures. The hawk is more about attack speed low damage, the wolf is more about damage and moderate attack speed, and maybe a turtle that acts as a tank that has high defense but low attack. Giving the Ranger more "range" in how its player (puns, lmao right?). Then you have Swashbuckler, this would be your moderate damage moderate defense character. Passive skills to boost "parry" chance to block incoming attacks. High attack speed and moderate damage. Bard would be the buff class for this range of characters. You would need to add in weapons like guitar, drums, etc. And the bard can either play an attack role or buff role. The buff role would be an AOE where as long as the bard is playing his instrument, teammates within range would gain a buff to certain skills. Which would be cool! They may also have light AOE healing with their songs as well, not as much healing as Cleric or Paladin but can heal more than 1 player at a time which would be dope. Sort of a moving Muse Bonfire but less healing. The Wizard (ex Muse) would then be able to upgrade into Cleric, Mage, Mystic, and Necromancer. The Cleric has a high affinity for healing both direct and passive. The bonfire skill will remain as a "static" placement (can't be moved until the timer runs out, aka think about where you place it) and of course high power single target healing. Cleric would also be the opposite of the Paladin, so low defense, moderate damage (equal to Paladin) and high healing (where as Paladin was moderate defense, moderate damage, and low healing). Mage would be your typical "elemental" magic user, fire, ice, lightening, earth.... with skills in each category. Would have both high damage direct attacks and low/moderate damage AOE attacks. Then you have Mystic. This is your "arcane" damage dealer. Basically all attacks are "arcane" damage like magic missile from classic D&D.... And then Necromancer, being able to summon skeletons, golums, bats, etc to fight by your side. Maybe have a system slightly like Diablo2 where you have "skeleton" skill then a "skeleton passive" that you can put points into. So Skeleton summon gives you 1-2-3-4 skeletons to summon, each tier giving you either more health, last longer, or more skeletons (will need balancing but still its an example) and then the passive skill will boost damage output of your summons or defense of your summons. So skeleton attack and skeleton defense maybe skeleton attack speed. Making the necromancer have skill point sinks to balance it out with other classes. Down the road you could have "unlockable classes" that are "hidden" like "death knight" or "monk" which you can learn by playing through the game and completing some NPC's quest (when you are high enough level to do said quests). This would make the game more dynamic and fun in my opinion. More options helps set your playstyle apart from other players. Nothing worse than seeing 1000's of the same class choice playing exactly the same way, using the same exact skills. I think back to world of warcraft, where every single warrior plays exactly the same, wearing the same gear, same skills, same playstyle. That's lame to me. I love choice. Now onto CRAFTING. As I remember, the OG crafting you could use ANY material you wanted. So making a noob sword might take metal and wood. Using higher end materials only meant you had a higher chance of success. I think it would be BETTER if using higher end materials meant you got a final product with better stats. For example, maybe the starter wooden sword. 7 attack power, fast +3 attack speed, and hitting rate in the high 20's. Using "end game materials" might result in 13 attack power, fast +3 attack speed, and hitting rate in the high 30's. This would obviously need balancing like anything else. But it would help set the game apart from other rose clients. this also helps close the gap between UNIQUE item drops and normal weapon gear you can buy from NPC's. This helps the Player vs Player interaction like buying/selling or communicating on crafting for guilds or friends. This way, there is a reason to buy gear made from players vs looking only for unique gear.... From what I remember, the gatling gun unique drop would do about 100 damage and its only requirement was 59 strength? (if I remember correctly). Doing 100 damage with a normal launcher would be akin to a level 50-60 launcher!!! And you could use the noob launcher at like level 15-16 (if I remember correctly, aka putting 60 points directly into strength at every level). So from 15/16 to about level 60 you had an OP weapon that lets you level up faster than anyone else. I don't think that should be nerfed, but I do think craft-able items should help close the gap. If you use higher tier materials you should be able to get close to but not exactly the same kind of power on lower tier items vs unique. So if at level 15/16 you could do 100 damage with a unique, maybe the player made uniques using high tier materials for lower end weapons could get you to 75 or 80 damage. Not as much as unique, but still enough to be "worthwhile" to buy from crafters. This gives crafters a bigger role in the economy other than "make wings" or "make mask/glasses" which I remember being the meme. "if you want to make money, make wings and face items". I honestly think this will help set Rose apart from other iterations and older versions. This I believe could bring a new breath of life to the game, while still offering that classic Rose feeling and gameplay. The best parts of rose online? being able to pick your own stat points and skill points. Having ACTUAL choice. I would love to see skill tree's big enough that you can't learn everything. This way you have to choose which skills you prefer to use as a player. Player one might focus on AOE while another focuses on Direct Damage, another might want to do high end healing. This way players have more choice and thus more variation in groups and parties as to how the game would be attacked and overcome. Rose is a great game. even if you DONT use my idea's. I know rose will still be fun to play.
  5. Anyone who has played an Artisan will know that acquiring materials could often be frustrating. Not because of scarcity due to drop rate. But because often times a material you're looking for only drops from monsters in a certain level range, and if you were a high enough level, you were either stuck with buying those materials at very often ridiculous prices, or creating a separate character who stayed within a certain level range just to farm materials. I'd hope to see this changed if only so the same economic bottleneck doesn't appear and drive up prices. As far as how it could be done, there's probably more than a few approaches. The easiest of which I'd assume would be adding materials to the drop tables of monsters throughout the games level range. My hope is that between myself and other forum members, someone will have and ideal implementation method. Please feel free to share your thoughts.
  6. I always make an artisan and I love gathering items and crafting stuff. But mass crafting can be pretty tedious and this is an idea to make that a little easier. We had this on the pserver that I played and it was really convenient. Add a way to set a specific quantity to the crafting window. Then after you drag the materials over, you can click on "begin crafting" and it will just keep going until that number of items has been made. The first image is what the current crafting window looks like. The second image shows in red where that quantity box could be added. Of course you would still need to have enough materials in your inventory and enough space to hold the crafted items but it would be a lot easier especially when crafting a ton of the same item (like potions or ammo)
  7. My biggest suggestion this time around is to only sell cosmetic/vanity items in the item mall, assuming that there is one. I wouldn't sell anything like XP boosts or other crazy items that give you a big boost over other players, or alters the gameplay in any way. The in-game economy of the old official Rose was destroyed when they started to sell shit that free to play players wouldn't have access to, at least without spending billions of Zulie to get something from a shop. I recommend making all items from the item mall account bound, no matter what it is, so things can't be resold at ridiculous prices. The in-game economy should be strictly in-game items, that everyone has access to. It would be neat if there were monthly events, where new vanity items (maybe in sets or with a particular theme?) are added to the item mall, and maybe an additional thing every-so-often, like a unique quest line, for players to unlock certain things, like special vanity pets, etc. Things to renew interest in the game over longer periods of time would be nice to see. If every item has some kind of value in one way or another, and each class has a purpose, such as; Dealers/Artisans being required to craft advanced items or gems, Muse/Clerics for heals and buffs, Soldiers/Knights/Champions for tanking shit and clearing mobs, Hawkers for dealing big burst damage for boss killing, that's when you have a bustling and thriving in-game community & economy. I hope the balance is just right. I believe the game can still have potential, even today. One helpful thing that could be added is, for each material that can be crafted into something more useful, there could be some kind of UI indicator somewhere that shows players what it can be crafted into if you hover over it, so people can tell if a material is something they want to keep or not. One thing I found confusing about the game in the past is, I never knew what materials were worth holding on to. I think there needs to be as much information available in-game as possible, so people, particularly new players, don't have to constantly look things up outside of the game, like where to level up or something like that. Cheers
  8. Maybe some of these have been suggested. Not going through pages to look............... Copied from discord couple of my thoughts for some of the game: -drops: they need to adjust all the %'s for each tier to undo the P2W aspect. Which then you can eliminate those gems for drops. All mats should be in both the valor/honor shop and drop from mobs. The drops should correspond to whatever is needed for crafting gear for that range. And some overlap would be needed from map to map and world to world. -refine: get rid of the % of chance to level up the gear (just like Owls suggestion). Max the top refine lvl to 9 and just up the %'s for each lvl of the refine. Leave the 4 slots for refine materials. As the level goes up you need a certain amount of a mat. Ex: lvl 10 gear need a bind, 10 irons and 5 pink powders. Refine lvl 9 need a bind, 30 irons, 25 low essence, 10 maple woods, 50 pink powders.. Something along those lines. -crafting: get rid of the % of chance. Make it similar to refining. You need specific amounts of mats to craft what gear you want. Then the only real chance is what stats (based on char Sen) you get and the durability/accuracy (based on char Con) of the item when crafted. --getting rid of all the % of chance would basically eliminate the P2W stuff that WP had ingame. Hairy Infant — Today at 10:23 PM leave it RNG otherwise server economy will die out cause everyone will have max items and wont have to spend as much i get RNG sucks but its in the game for a reason and legit every other game out there (edited) MagicianTrent (Osiris) — Today at 10:29 PM The economy wouldn't be hurt. Cause now you need the mats that drop for refining and crafting. You are also able to get them by doing quests/dungeons/pvp or from PvM. Players will have Max gear either way you go. Eliminating the % chance is better game play IMO. Farming for mats over and over just to see it fail isn't good game play. [10:34 PM] And some of the lower level gears you could buy certain materials (like iron, maple wood) from an NPC. so it would be some type of zulie sink also (edited) [10:36 PM] You could also make each jobs gear use different mats for like the 2nd and/or 3rd slot
  9. Hello Everyone! I've been following owlchemist_vile on Twitch recently (Loving his streams! Great engagement with the content etc)... I did notice however that today he was just disassembling random items from the vendors over and over again.. sort of like a trial and error - now he was obviously looking for specific materials to make his next item, but he didn't know what he was disassembling from the shop and what they would give him.... I think a reallllly strong feature for the whole game would be to make an in-game wiki or update the disassembly table to see what items being broken down are going to potentially give you and their chance to receive etc... Edit: I think its call an ARMORY - Lists all the maps/drops/zones/info about items etc.. - Having this in game would be helpful.
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