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Found 2 results

  1. I'd like a toggle to enable/disable chat bubbles above characters when speaking. I was giving it some thought and it would be a nice privacy setting and anti-stream harassment setting. Until the swear filter is auth'd and not easily bypassed client side, I'd feel a lot more safe if I could disable chat bubble display while streaming once the game goes live. Also, it'd be a nice immersion setting.
  2. Is it possible to activate unicode text in-game? I have few Korean friends who's not fluent in English requesting this, at least we can use 한글/Korean alphabet in game (Maybe not for character's name but for chatting purpose only, in game). I believe some other players might benefit from this too, I see a lot of potential Spanish, Swedish, and players from all over the world that will definitely love it if we're able to type this in game: ñ ä ö å é ẽ ü, etc
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